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  1. Yessss that's the name. Who is she/he/it?
  2. Hey there is another good warlock noone is mentioning, once he (or she) and tocino killed me and another famous warlock, whose name i wont say for privacy (tilltheend), 2 or 3 times in a row , I cant remember the name. Someone knows?
  3. A really good idea putting the in-game window with the link to vote for Warspear right the day the lag won.
  4. Joy of motherhood made her forgot about Chickenfly
  5. So I'm having "fun" (ifyouknowhatImean) with Raviente, when Arky appears. She stood with us, perfect chance for a pic But she didnt seem too happy, and reacted as the angry ♥♥♥♥♥ she is And Raviente was so pissed off that she rage-quitted. Too much love will kill you, as Freddy Mercury said.
  6. I can understand portuguese/spanish until they are talked in simple sentences. The fact that i replied in english should have warned ya anyway ;D Oilà :drinks:
  7. Yeah, there were thousands of private servers, but a small number of ppl who played in them, even if "BR Nazis" groups were there it's hardly a reason why Brs became hated. Nothing like what first post says happened in official servers. Err dude thanks for the trust, but i'm italian, not brasilian ;D
  8. Lol I played ragnarok online, there is some truth basis but the whole story is kinda made up.
  9. duck skya is still lvl18? Expect a pm from my necro soon
  10. Lol looks like I died immediatly. There should be a "dmg taken" statistic to show how pro I was :dirol:
  11. God I hope there will be guild quests, achievements, wars, if 3.5 will contain only a guild list and a guild chat and guild name then I dont understand why they didnt just implement it in 3.4.4 update.
  12. Oh nalia is a boy now? :/
  13. Leo Acq

    kitty poll

    Blàààck, the sluttiest of all.
  14. Lol where is tayuya? I like a lot Revendark and Chrystall, but Tayuya and his +10 doom xbow must be in the list.
  15. [quote author=Sánge link=topic=81530.msg452434#msg452434 date=1364057203] That's what you want it to be That's not what the people make it See what I mean? How can u vote for anyone else? edit: this forum just sucks, duck it
  16. Yep, I voted for you, but only because I'm mesmerized by the á
  17. Guess it's one of those cyclical topics. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=76910.30
  18. Mmh ok that would be a possible explanation, I tend to be gentlemanish. But I didnt stop atking :P "Error 404. Requested body part "hips" not found." Im not understanding this if you arent fat :/ I'm slow sometimes :D
  19. Are you saying you are fat then? :/ And I didnt stop ffs :D why should I lie?
  20. That mage with pale azure ponytail, red evening dress and who swears a lot, cant remember the name.
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