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  1. 50 posts! Congratulations! And an hundred of relic locations! :drinks:
  2. Yes for me because I'm a slut.
  3. Seriously guys, stop answering to Caza, he's not interested in a discussion, he just wants to trololololol. You think Bloody or Lulee posts will get a proper answer? Or a poorly made meme and some enormous stupid colorful shit with the only purpouse of getting you mad? Just stop answering, he'll stop too eventually.
  4. Whatever you decide, you are awesome with BBcodes anyway
  5. Aw why changed the first post with all the colours? Was nice
  6. I just wanted to be friendly and boobs my support to a possible new member.
  7. Oh this is Michelle!? Well big YES then!
  8. Apology Cake This is one of my most successfull cakes, especially delivered to Poland, India and Hungary
  9. Yeah, Leo as usual knows what the ladies like 8)
  10. MC - 30/08/2013 Armor Cliff, into the taver And didnt ask in world chat, did the proper pro detective stuff 8)
  11. MC - 28/08/2013 - Nadir, ask to some guy. Bwahaha suck it gab and payal
  12. Thank u to u too :) Hey I didnt know about the "wait 6 hours to join another guild after leaving one" so Im going out of ABCD to be able to do arena with ABC members, hope its okei.
  13. Never seen so much fail in a single post :D Greg (crushspell/rapidkill) should be the culo panda
  14. You asked. And all true anyway =P Thanks for the greetings guys
  15. I live in Italy, Im 26, Im a chemist. I like icecream and sixtynine. Char is my warlock Leolock. Thank youuu. Fine for me joining ABCB in the meanwhile
  16. Thank you! Its gab who loves me xD
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