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  1. Cross! You going with the enemy! But you are too pretty :cray: I cant be mad with you ps: xD guild chat, not much changed I see
  2. The one from the casket for for barb/rogue/dk, I had an offer of 250k for that. Oh just check by yourself :D
  3. Ask Alex. xD you have my account, if you need your money just enter in it and sack my chars stuff (also I have the Something of Great Something medallion that should be worth around 250k).
  4. Well Bianca was referring to the pic of him grabbing his cock not to the partial nude ones, you are a bit off point. Or idk, not clear what she's talking about. If complaining about nudity then I'm with ya, fat asses for the win!
  5. lolol and I left whatsapp group to run away from those pics, ♥♥♥♥ off Chris. No?
  6. Where is my money? xD joking Congratz Alex
  7. fùck off cross you are too pretty :(
  8. We aren't jonnnieeeeeeeeeee
  9. It's going on that you are an untrustworthy bit.ch
  10. You aren't even ashamed that's what's worse lol
  11. Idk my PC is as fast as it was on win 7, no RAM lost in the upgrade and after a couple of days getting used to the new interface I find it more comfortable than before
  12. Like what? I like all the changes they made :/ nothing i could do on win 7 isnt available now and lots of little things make the whole experience better
  13. wanna fight? WANNA FIGHT? xd I like it, lots of little improvements from windows 7.
  14. xD right just reboot once, your pc will thank you
  15. Update to windows 8.1 newb
  16. xD "run nigganigganigganigga" made me laugh
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