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  1. I hope they'll change the Set Bonuses, improving them. At the moment a full bg set is very difficult to obtain, but just slightly better than arena one :/. Also, Brigandine of Berengar's revenge looks horrible :(.
  2. No problem Eleriath! Killing boss quest will appear in the quests window once you have it. First for the good guys is Granite Guards, Genie for the evil ones. You can kill those bosses how many times you wish, but it will count just one time for your quest.
  3. Prefix is Large. You can easily recognize them cuz ppl will ask 100k+ ;D Absofrutely no idea about who drops them. No AA anyway.
  4. Oookei so for now (I'm doing just Scorp/Herald/Chief) its useless collecting gears with Dark Def.
  5. Hey i like this. A lot of noobs couldnt find an arena partener soon though.
  6. I have a question about laby: all mobs here deal dark magic dmg, or just bosses?
  7. From mail to inventory: Click on gift -> Click on bottom right button (to bag) To open it: Go on bag -> Click on chest -> Click on bottom right button (menu) -> Click Use -> drop the shit you have got ;D :facepalm: "Receiving" means that an object becomes personal once you receive it, some other items are "Equipping" (which I believe its self explanatory :D), some others never become personal. Once an object it's personal, you cant exchange it with other players.
  8. 1- Some bosses drop best runes/crystals than the ones from miracle shop, but they are quite expensive. 2- You dont have to chose any faction, Chainless League quests is a series of boss killing quest, and once you did all of them you are allowed to buy gears from that armorseller. Those quests are very difficult cuz the bosses you need to kill are in enemy territory. 3- Costumes only change your appareance. You born like a barb, you die like a barb.
  9. I just learnt that bonuses are to be counted only one time, not four. BG set just lost a lot of his appealing..
  10. I have a question: can you mix 2 sets (for example revenge and shadow) and still get both bonuses from each gear? I want to use Helm of Berengar's revenge + Brigandine of Berengar's revenge +Gloves of Berengar's shadow + Boots of Berengar's shadows on my ranger.
  11. Mmh I think all this crying about rangers comes from people who didnt ever played one, at least at high levels. Ranger blessing is a very cool skill, but has 2 major issues: -it lasts 13 sec and has a cooldown time of 30 sec. This means that you have to wait till fight starts to activate it, and it sucks cuz this interrupts your attack flow. Also, this means that a smart rogue/shaman can stun you with the right timing and make ranger blessing exhaust (luckly not many ppl are aware of this ;D ) and that in wars a ranger is "blessed" for only half of the time. -it has a succes rate of only 50%, i have tested it with my ranger counting 100 hits while doing boring killing skills. I have heard numbers like 70-80%, i wish it was the right rate, but it isnt :( . Ofc all of you remember the times when a ranger had 5 double shots in a row and unfairly killed you, but this means that there have been an equal number of times when that ranger had NO double shots for the entire skill duration, and this gave him the worst attack of all classes of the game. On average, a ranger dmg is +50% than normal (for example, a ranger that hits 300 will hit 450 on average, crit excluded), which sounds fair to me. Ranger blessing is cool cuz allows you to make "superhero" things like killing 2 enemies all alone or one when your health is almost finished and he is full hp (ranger will know what I'm talking about ;D ) but that is the exception, not the rule. Wanna take Ranger Blessing out of rangers? It would be fine with me, but then you should give us better base dmg and way better kiting skills, scatter and traps suck in comparison with other ranged classes skills. Not believe me? Well, get the hell out of this forum and go make your own ranger :drinks:
  12. What would be the block, parry and dodge % of a Speared DK? And the difference of atk with a shielded one? I dont have a DK, I'm just curious ::) .
  13. Happened to me too. I felt used and thrown away like a..lets say a napkin ;D .
  14. AFK people in arena: usually hated, sometimes they make you feel the coolest mofo evah.
  15. Lol, I realize just now that male chars of WS wear thongs..
  16. I'm thinking about arena more than hunting hidden people. You can almost see from side to side of it, cant you Shyleen?
  17. Argh! That's disappointing! This is the real OP feature, not shamans or ranger blessing or whatever.
  18. How the hell can you have such a wide area on your screen!? On my phone it's like half of it! Does it depends on what kind of phone are you playing?
  19. Ok so I guess in my server they will be priced a lil more due to less people killing chief. How much did you pay them?
  20. Thank you! Do you know how much are those items? I'm in EU-Emerald server.
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