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  1. I'm not defending Elves, I'm just saying that both factions suck :D . If in firstborns there are more shitty ppl due to their major number, well this can be true. But saying that there are "only 5 mc doing this" is just plain false, try palying on Elf side and see for yourself (and shit like "i play long time i know blablablah doesnt work, I play from a lot of time too so you cant use this card with me :D ). You dont :/
  2. Priest is the only ranged class with no stun ability at all. You cant complain about him having a different good skill :) .
  3. If you wanna believe in a world in which Mc are the good guys and Elves the bad ones fine. It isnt the real world though ;)
  4. "Elves" do that. Sure. People do that.
  5. Lol dude, shut up, mc do just the same. Just happened to me at Will o' Wisps.
  6. I guess random, I had shit from both blue and yellow quests :D
  7. Yeah, they announced it like an update that would have increased cooperation but there is no cooperation at all, just people who think that is better ignore each other instead of doing war. Chainless quests were much more fun. Also like Italia says it destroyed ingame economy, repair scrolls price skyrocketed and bg and lab drops are now cheap, so bosses they come from have become useless. Also, bg shadow set looks in now horrible - brown, who the hell thought that brown would have been a nice colour!? It looks like shit!
  8. Lol really? Nobody asked me anything till now! At maximum they ignored my suggestions.. ps: welcome in the forum Dee Gee! :drinks:
  9. Leo Acq


    Ciao! Se hai bisogno ingame chiedi pure, nome negli elfi - sono soprattutto lì - Leobmf :)
  10. Maybe it is fun if you can afford a lot of scroll of repair, but for an average player its just continuos dying hoping for a lucky strike. Also, reward system is totally unfair: whats the point in going lab or bg guards now? Wouldnt be so bad if at least same party could go in the same location after teleport, but the way it is just sucks.
  11. Horrible update. The main problem isnt that it's difficult or confusing. It's simply not funny.
  12. Done to change the types of characters dealing with the DOTs 1) Cleansing with nat. to Astral 2) Insects with nat. to the Moon 3) Poison Spit with nat. to the Dark 4) Siphon Life with nat. to the Dark Anyone knows what this mean?
  13. This is all so interesting. Sorry if I go back in topic: all fear the mighty RANGERMAGE!
  14. There is plenty of people who does arena 4-6. The highest I've seen was Juozass who had like 30k arena points. Ppl have fun in a lot of ways ;D
  15. Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no 4x18 regen, just 18.
  16. I play a ranged class and for me barbs are a lot more dangerous than bladedancers. If you dont know how to play your barbs it's not my fault.
  17. Barbs have high chances to reach and kill a ranged class, while BD dont. That's why, at least, they have better melee combat skills.
  18. First you say that elfs are always at Bg, then that BG set its difficult to obtain if you play in Elf Faction. Decide yourself ;D .
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