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  1. Okei, im sorry, that warlock is ducking awesome and you have just proved shamans are op.
  2. I said 1vs1, rest of the combact is too accelerated to follow it properly (or anyway too much effort to). Second fight he misses 2 out of 3 circles, third one 3 out of 3, you walk around one but 1. thats not the way to put a circle, hoping the opponent will walk in it 2. you were lucky, you actually touched the cirlce border, but position bug saved you And circles are easy to miss, due to position bug and the extreme precision they need to be casted with, but that's not the way to play a warlock.
  3. You can clarify how much u like, but if he wasnt lagging, then it's the worst warlock I've ever seen, its not you avoiding his circles, it's him putting them wherever the
  4. Chrystal sd bow is +9, was showing in trade a couple of days ago. Lol, worst warlock I've ever seen, maybe he was lagging or playing with his feet, but he misses almost every dark circle when 1vs1 with you.
  5. Someone just found out how to make arena points at elf side.. :facepalm:
  6. In this final day, thank you everyone :blush: :give_rose:
  7. Omg 4 months as a warlock and never noticed it. Never stop to be a n00b.
  8. Leo Acq

    few tips

    From a super recent experience in arena Mages - For **** sake, delete your char and use a different class :facepalm:
  9. I BLAME CANADA!!!11 Nah lol I dont blame anyone, DA game is DA game.
  10. Leo Acq

    few tips

    Nice topic. Also, ffs dont be afraid to take a different direction from the ones 99% of people take, it's good to have some surprise element. Most of the times when I go random and I try to use a different route, then I have to chase my partner because he went alone the opposite way. :facepalm: My arena favourite song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFrDSFzlKwE
  11. Aww just died there, duck you guys ;D
  12. That's debatable, vs barb and rogue can be a good idea to step back only one spot behind the trap.
  13. xDD the "reasonable guy" thrown the worst insult of everyone in the end. Good job buddy :good:
  14. Hey nice idea, this is my first post 13 months after, that Bd is lvl 16, lol.
  15. Yeah I think 3 arrow 3 life exhaust could be good in pvp too, but I said pve, like having an easier time in swamps like Sange said.
  16. Yeah, that's the reason I did one run for drawn once, my bd vs a shaman in the new squared map, both partners dead, me full health she around 300hp, and of course she runs away and comes back fully restored, we fight, I was winning, she runs again, so I went like "well duck you I can do this too" and ran until draw. Pmmed her "Gnahaha" after since I'm a gentleman.
  17. xD yep. This could go in the Scammer - The list topic (dont "too long didnt read it - worths 2 mins of time)
  18. Argh, now I'm curious, always appreciate a bit of good nerd rage :/
  19. Tested puddle at 5? How much dmg it does respect to dark dmg? At lvl 1 is around 1/4. Also, 5 life exhaust would be good for pve, but who does a warlock for pve?
  20. Just noticed it, shouldnt be camps and villages of SENTINELS? :facepalm:
  21. Friends,Happy CHRISTMAS to You and ALL Ur family members.God bless You always. bad experience to players at eu emerlad server.hope server will come soon. hi hi frends
  22. Does it work with puddle too? Lol warlocks OP.
  23. Just post here time and date of when you want to do it. xD
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