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  1. hey rats rapists :D whats up?
  2. Jamie is short and on his way to be a wizard. Hi guys :D
  3. I actually think Smliga is right, every one of the authors should get the full prize, that's only fair. And btw mods, all ABC is the author of Shilan video. (Except Cross. He didnt do shit, was too busy taking selfies) So, yeah, whenever is convenient for you, thanks.
  4. She has/had the money, that's what pisses me off about the whole deal. :o You are so greek lol
  5. There is nothing to talk about. But you served me that on a silver platter ;D , was too good not to use
  6. Just focus on being beautiful cross
  7. xD this made me laugh And leave Jamie alone ffs, he fights hurricanes in real life and he's like 1 m tall, he deserves nothing but respect.
  8. Rofl ws would be an empty place if everyone deleted his char when jamie ignores him. Well goodbye I guess
  9. Well then Alex is right, you got kicked for rotating reasons, I dont deny that someone gets less than others but I'm sure it wasnt done in spite against you or anything. And who gets kicked for rotation have to ask to be reinvited, that's how it works for everybody. And it's not weird that everyone thought you left for good since how you act usually. Nobody did anything particulary bad here, you are taking it the worst possible way
  10. wow very drama much zzz cant be arsed You are a dick for leaving for a reason like that zethu. Just ignore crossfit, you cant get along with everyone, and come back
  11. And being greedy piece of shit.
  12. Recognizing that cross is pretty doesnt mean I'm gay, you jealous dwarf
  13. your gf so lucky :cray: you are so beautifull :cray:
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