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  1. krylancelo, hey what game u playing now.... And any body else that used to play also list what u play now....
  2. hey guys im back will be in game this week and want to know if I can join the guild plz lol
  3. I'm offended by that statement
  4. it is kinda funny cuz ive had all 3 of them give me lab drops and i wasnt even there when they dropped plus im not in wog so its funny to me sumbody had sumbody else post trash because they to scared to do it they selfs that sounds like the plan of a coward
  5. i agree with u all rangers are not OP in any way im lvl20 full +8 amp on everything even the max amp barbs cant kill me by their selfs. i dont kite ppl cuz i dont gotta my high dps rate is enough. the person that said a rangers def is lacking idk my def is about 34% if u say thats bad i guess u kno more about this game then me. but thats my input as a ranger im not OP it just takes more than 1 to kill me
  6. Tisk tisk tisk I can't believe u didn't add my name under wog ally.... I truly thought we was friends Btw. You misspelled multi-clanning lol
  7. They only discuss that stuff on ru side of forum because English speaking players only know how to insult & criticize. just read past topics you will notice a trend. I for one don't blame them for just chatting with the peaceful players.
  8. He gave u the Bible cuzz he thought u needed it the most. not because he thought of u as a good person. the key rule on that stuff is help those u feel have wondered off the righteous path.
  9. Merc I had planned on making a dk but from wat I just read they turned dk's into a joke I might make a warlock on my elf account tho depends how they design them in this game but in most games warlocks and mages have awesome dps but crappy def. I'll just wait til update to decide wat side of the fence I'll bounce my ball on...lol
  10. Sooo wat ur saying chro is ur gonna write an autobiography? lol jk jk
  11. Hi rap. Long time no see
  12. Cross don't worry u will soon see me on a mage or a pally in lvl9 max amped gears running around killing lvl20 ppl lmfao...
  13. lol merc 21k is rich now if my math is right my elf account should be somewhere between 90-130k when I stopped playing I continued adding $50 every 2 weeks so when a good update comes ill be set
  14. hey hey hey.....Sulla u cant lvl that elf stick to the classes u can play :lol:
  15. Just to let yall know I haven't quit just taking a break until a good update comes along If u want me still in the clan add my name if not I'll find sumthin when I start playing again
  16. species

    The FoF Clan Book

    ok slay i agree with u on that subject since so far ive had so called mc allies atk me twice in lab yesterday sulla led 3 pt of mc to chief it was fof/wog there they didnt bother to look at name when they atk they just atk so i agree inside lab we have no mc allies if u see a red name kill it thats wat they do so why should we not kill them before they kill us kai u kno if im not on just txt me spanish we have been getting atk'd by mc in our lab that was supposed to b our friends so one of us retaliated wats the issue we not going to ur lab killing mc we called friends so after so many supposed friends atk us we supposed to wait for u to do same as them
  17. species

    The FoF Clan Book

    shy i get that also it takes like 5-6 tries but eventually it will let u log in slay since ur lvl4's arent same name maybe it will b a good idea to update ur alts on page 1 thanks guys for approving buggs gear upgrades
  18. species

    The FoF Clan Book

    mend has 2 acute falchions, a wrought belt and a qualitative pendant i would like to put on my lvl13 bd buggs anything i put on him i will amp very high also if anybody lvling needs wat he has they can use it im gonna keep him lvl13 just to arena with but before i got that stuff from mend i wanted to get the clans aproval first since its from the clan bank
  19. ok on this topic elf boss 3 we tank it with rangers to do easy kills from alonso's post i gather if the same elf grp goes to mc boss 3 ranger can tank same way in the bottom right corner and in both instances only have 1 add so in reality this topic isnt about the bosses but its more of the same crying about mc only having 1 ranged class am i getting this right so far? and smurf ur only a part time mod kuz is on more then u....lol
  20. yeah cross ive had that happen also in arena against druids/shamans i tried to do it myself it on same arena map different enemy but i think its only a mage class bug
  21. hey kuz could u add a khazh-maar costume in the miracle coin shop id be willing to spend 10k coins on it
  22. merc for ur info i been there with eu mc on my lvl 15 barb we went from the door to the 2nd boss in 5 minutes didnt kill a single mob going damn guess wat all lived that day ive seen lab from both sides of the fence u sulla all u mc keep saying this and that i have nvr seen u on ur elf doing lab from an elves perspective sure elf lab might be easier for mc to do on elf side but its designed for elf on our side not for mc before yall act like u kno so much jump on a elf go there as a elf then come back and post this nonsence
  23. im not just talking about mobs in the halls here if no mob resets i mean none... u atk a boss u get every mob in the room on u make astral lab a 20man thing that will solve any balance complaint u got
  24. do that mc cant skip mobs and no boss will b easy
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