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  1. I hate sponsorpay, they never respond back to their mistakes. They STILL owe me 2150 mcoins from 8 months ago.
  2. Boo Hoo I quit :'( Nobody likes me.......WHO GIVES A DAMN OR SHYT. I been playing this game for the past 3 yrs. I seen goodplayers come and go, its the life of a mmorpg. So pvpshaman, ranger; whatever you go by, you know how many ppl here wish they could amp their gear to +10 and kick eveveryone butt. Heck if I had +10 gear I would make sureppl hate me because I'm kicking their butts. So in otherwords,you quitting because nobody likes you??? This is what I think about it :tease: :tease: :tease: :rofl: ;D ;D
  3. Oooohhhhhh big scary alligator costume I'm sooooo scared :tease: :tease: :rofl:
  4. The ONLY thing mcoins are good for is to buy signs. Other than that is a waste. Now is hydra gave out lvl 20 items then it would be worth it to go there. Ever since the lab update, this game been going downhill.
  5. DAMN WHO IS THAT :spiteful: :shok: :shok: :search: :search: ;D
  6. Since 0.4 when we had ranks instead of lvls. 1.7 was some good times. NOW :cray:
  7. Megatron rogues are the best.....PERIOD
  8. Hey bro you going to me missed. You gone Odin gone Warlion gone DAMN when the bleeding going to stop?
  9. Jaw don't worry, my rogue still here to kick your butt
  10. Am I wrong for saying that this game is boring as hell and longer fun to play?
  11. WTF?????? :shout: Dog you can't quit. Trust me I want to quit this game too. Just take a break, find another game to play and see how the next update will be. NOW if the next couple of updates are like the last 3....THEN SCREW THIS GAME BECAUSE I WILL QUIT TOO.
  12. Aw don't worry my cigerette friend, I'm not going nowhere. I was referring to 200 volt noob to stfu. And I hope he's a elf. It would be that much easier to kick his ass like I'm going to kick yours. I'm still hunting for you grocery lol
  13. I do play other mmorpg games fyi littlefoot. As I was explaining to jaws the minion update WOULDBE a WOW moment but the ideal of the devs making us buy scrolls from mshop is defeating the purpose of getting minions or other items. As long I buy mcoins I have the right to express my opinions. If you don't like what I say then STFU.
  14. Its would be WOW or AWESOME if the dev.werent so damn greedy. I like the ideal myself but........dev is destroying this game
  15. First of all I want to say to desy family, I'm deeply sadden about your lost and I hope her life was a beacon to you and her son. I've talked with desy couple of times while kicking elfs butts. So was so sweet and I'm really going to miss her :cray:
  16. oooooooowww Im really scared......ooooooooobh :lol:
  17. galvatron

    Server Lag

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Bro I posted a similar thread and they lock it. But soon after that they announce the connection problem. Its always have been a problem after Christmas, they work on something but failed to fix the minor problems. I agree with you, the connection and lagging issue must be address first before any major update.
  18. Odin you made a good point about raising the lvl past 20. I not a genius on how to make mmo games but it shouldn't be that hard to raise the level up on a 2d game. :shok: maybe I'm wrong, but I seroiusly doubt it. Snorlax where are you? Let us know something.
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