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  1. Tell me why you don't like Mage. Everytime something nerfed. It's not true he is one of the most powerful combat class... Its not true you slightly reduced bonuses - 50% mana reg from eye is not slightly. Do you know now mage probably will die after one rogue's critical shot?
  2. After update notifications work fine. Thanks! 馃檪
  3. the easiest way to calculate: your time = base cooldown time / (1+ your cooldown in %) [remember 1%=0,01] example: your CD = 25% base cooldown time of skill = 100s 100/(1,25)= 80s answer is very easy, its not bug: CD 51,2% base cd = 100 s (for example) 100s/1,512 = 66,13s 100s - 66,13s = 33,87s so 51,2% CD parameter reduces skill cooldown about 34%
  4. I don't receive game notifications in Android Oreo (8.0). Tested on two smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G6). Before upgrade to Oreo everything worked fine. Factory reset doesn't fix problem. I need this feature, its very usefull for me in crafting and trading... Could you check it?
  5. I think guild skills (passive especially) are very OP... too much..... every lower lvl guilds (7 and lower) will die, because join to best guild (12th lvl with maxed skills) is easier and more profitable option.... I'm affraid this update won't be good :(
  6. W zwi膮zku z pojawiaj膮cymi si臋 nowymi Magami, napisa艂em poradnik od nowa.
  7. What do you think about UWP (Universal Windows Platform) aplication? Warspear would be available in Microsoft Store for all Windows 10 devices.
  8. Congratulations to FARM BOTs Now there are a lot of farm bots (especially in Ayvondil). Do you know this decision will increase the number of farm bots and kill Warspear? Please, don't do it...
  9. PLZ FIX DESYNCHRONIZATION. All AoE skill missed. Mage is unplayable... I must relog at boss (in Arena too) EVERYTIME. Please do something...
  10. Poradnik zaktualizowany pod wersj臋 6.2
  11. Daria, public REAL changelog (changes in dungeon etc.), please
  12. Eu Emerald, Elf side, +/-10 farm bots (every from MULAILAPAR guild) in event island. Devs, plz do something!!
  13. Spokojnie, jest sporo aktywnych graczy z Polski. Na pewno kogo艣 spotkasz.
  14. Spoko, nie ma problemu. Gdy b臋dziesz w stanie gra膰 napisz na priv i dostaniesz inva. Je艣li chodzi o Lumi臋 535 to wysz艂a ca艂a seria z wadliwymi dotykami. Windows 10 nic do tego nie ma. Najlepiej zanie艣 do serwisu je艣li masz gwarancj臋.
  15. Fajnie, 偶e zrobi艂e艣 video poradnik. Og贸lnie bardzo mi si臋 podoba pomimo pomini臋cia kilku szczeg贸艂贸w, np...skilla Szkoda tylko, 偶e poradnik pvp kr臋ci艂e艣 w tak silnym party i nie mia艂e艣 okazji wykaza膰 si臋 umiej臋tno艣ciami, bo tylko chodzi艂e艣 i dobija艂e艣 ludzi I jakie艣 1vs1 poka偶, ludzie si臋 uciesz膮.
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