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  1. true... i m sorry for my mistake, though the parry rune for staffs due to "2 hand weapon" description on rune..
  2. If nobody let them scam, won't exist scammers. isn't this simple? So if someone get scammed... the one who scam you didn't anything else than ask you to let him steal you... if you say yes for it, is it my fault to you start judging the way i act? judge yourself first and see if you right on your judgement about me.
  3. Some arena matchs end in around 40-60sec... counting with the initial 20sec. tell me, how to spectate it? i think a spectator mode would be just another thing most people wouldn't use.
  4. iknowuall

    Most op class

    lol... people still didn't notice shaman is the only OP class and will be for a long time... ppl said ranger only get gifts... let's see what i remember from shamans... increased heal... critical heal... earthquake now do damage... nothing bad. people say ranger got crossbow... what do you want? a knife? if it's to complain, make a good and real complain... you still think that you can stop people from posting... from doing what they are able to do... you nothing more than he or me or any other player... the only people with authority to do anything are the game developers/designers/owners. you any of these? If someone is wrong on the talk... it's you which break many rules at a single post and also the developers which don't use their own rules.time to start banning people on the forum developers... or remove your rules... http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=43.0 Communication in the game: It is forbidden to use insults and foul language (both overtly and in a veiled form), to use provocative remarks against other players in order to make them violate rules.Types of penalties used by the administration of Warspear Online game: Warning: foul language (including veiled form), insults; violation of abovementioned rules. Temporal partial denial of game access (muteness in chat, ban on trade deals, group invitations etc): foul language (including veiled form), insults;
  5. if it's to fight melee, use parry rune... mage class can parry...
  6. You still liveee :give_rose: miss you rachel, where are youuu x.x :'(
  7. iknowuall

    Arena Heal.

    any skill that reduce attack, also reduce heal. avoid bd's sap and barb's roar.
  8. isn't because of them... is because they are fool enough to get scammed... they can't steal you by force... only if you let them do it! SO STOP LET THEM DO WHAT THEY WANNA DO!
  9. steal is diff than scam in most cases. here you can't take by force an item from other person if you didn't notice it... here you only get scammed if YOU make it possible. if get scammed is forced, why nobody never scammed me? sell the item for gold and buy signs by gold. i bet you won't get scammed that way.
  10. you just named the top richs... best players are who help everyone without ask anything and still play very well without abuse of miracle coins. can you name one? i guess no. all of you don't help players or abuse of mc... or do both.
  11. You(all of you) never learn? if it's to trade account, get the account first. never give your items first. buy a mind before start trading accounts. WHY YOU WANT TO TRADE ACCOUNTS? MAKE YOUR STRONG INSTEAD!
  12. He didn't talk about it, isn't necessary to open the same account on same IP, someone may have used the same IP to open other account. which break rules (suspicion/creation of bots), it also means it's not a permanent ban! it's just a temporal ban, sooner/later you will be able to play again.
  13. How to not be ignored. #1 Follow rules #2 Talk nicely #3 Be a nice person #4 Don't lie people will hear and follow you :good:
  14. not only 12y, some people 8y already play! and some are smarter than we all :friends:
  15. so you want warlock with 250dmg, do 500dmg and recover 250hp? YES! very fair...
  16. 1. the way he told isn't necessarily for you... he saying for anyone who read it.2. maybe... 3. hes free to do it since he talk a little about the topic.
  17. any of these? posing as administration representative; triple entering of wrong confirmation code, creating or suspicion of creating of bot-characters; trading or offering to trade game objects, including game currency for real money; systematic begging.
  18. that if you wanna be full in 1week... but this game is a time-based game, everything have your time so take advantage of it and hunt around 4-5h per day!1h = 4kills 5h = 20kills drop% = over 5%... easy drop, in 1 week you drop many items, take one day to sell them and in few weeks you be full +7-+8
  19. for you candy... x1 with hassn... can't kill him true... but look what he do
  20. why hassn run? why he don't ever try hit? only run?... well, maybe cause he use 2 pots before hit me
  21. ... i come to see this topic and only see people crying, keep with it, you are pro on it already. about topic: hope now i can enter citys without 10 dcs...
  22. in 1 month they can buy all devices needed for test...btw, they don't get just 1000$+, its maybe 5000$+, MANY russians buy MANY things everyday, every hour in this game
  23. iknowuall


    have lvl8 people... is just like you starting to play again. experience new skills, new maps, new bosses, new quests and ofc, new bugs!
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