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  1. Perfect druid for pvp, pve, war, hunt. Lighting lvl4; Heal lvl4; Roots lvl4; Bees lvl4. You girls(everybody) play like if the skill isn't lvl5 it is a crap skill :unknw:
  2. increase your defense, my level 15 barb have around 3100def with shield and he not good amped :good: try increase HP too, 2700 is too low for a lvl18 barb...
  3. Add Romerudyta for scammers list :good:
  4. Here i m, sorry for be so ugly :'( PS: A little after wake up.
  5. Welcome! Have fun in emerald-EU. Many mountain clan's players are cool. Just try not change your personality after play there and you will find warspear a cool game too :good: . Hope you enjoy the game at max so we can meet in the wars :give_rose: .
  6. She also didn't say u said something bad. Read twice next time.
  7. What's hard to understand there?If you stop be so lazy and go hunt for your equips you wont need buy items. If you don't need buy items how will you get scammed?
  8. iknowuall


    It would decrease the gold value a lot... ever if 1gold for each mc u kill...
  9. True!But also remember he free do give his bad comments... Even the unnecessary comment he did...
  10. In some countrys, it's normal that people kill their parents. Why would it be different in such a game like WS? Just be happy and kill him back :good:
  11. Ok. i won't say "lol" anymore cause it's just 3 meaningless letters.Laughing out loud is definitively not spam. it's an expression if you didn't know, go search google before make false accusations.
  12. Now imagine some lifeless high level people farming 1st island boss not ever letting people do their quest? (Yes, they exist)
  13. mage is just a not usual clas, bat its very powerful end able to destroi ani oter class in fel seconds. forgeve mi for mi bed inglesh :good:
  14. i wish i could post mine, but the camera keeps breaking, why? :'(
  15. They came from hell bro :mega_shok: just to make my class look stupid :(
  16. why +8? i m happy killing +10 ppl with just a +7 weapon :tease:
  17. You get irritated cause you help thinking on the future help ppl will give u.Try help without thinking in receive something :friends:
  18. what about: lvl1: coakcroach lvl2: chick lvl3: wisp lvl4: wolf/bear lvl5: dragon :unknw:
  19. And you think exactly like these people who have money as god.If you change, others will change. Start be a smart person and show them how to be good... if you can be a good person. Answer me, is because some rich guy throw a bomb that you will too? Will it help anyone or make anybody happy?
  20. 1- To do the base of the game, kill your enemies.2- To get items strong enough to beat all your enemies. 3-No, we attack opposite faction cause it's what we are supposed to do. PLS: Don't forget warspear is a massive war game :good:
  21. iknowuall


    Have you check the priority system on your pc/notebook? I play without any problem on mine.
  22. No matter what you think about the rules. The respect will always be the most important thing on earth. If you don't respect people by their religion/race, you only deceive be "banned".Because the game is "world wide" does it means we should stop follow rules about respect? NO, it means we should care even more about it. PS: Can any developer start using rules? Or they will stay just written for years?
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