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  1. How did you edit that video and make the miracle coins go up?
  2. Useless Just kidding, well charmers are like built for solo, not party, they're not the best dmg or healer or tank, so most parties prefer classes that are actually dedicated to a role. Not a jack of all trades like charmer. But I've seen some charmers do heck lot of damage, just need to amp a bit more I guess.
  3. I'd say hunter, but I might be biased because that's the only class I actually played seriously. The high damage makes dailies fast, useful in dungeon, useful in farming, pretty good in arena with ranged stuns ...
  4. One of the major sources of frustration when I started playing was the huge lack of players able to help me out with killing bosses. There are plenty of players who want to help, I know, but they are too far away and don't want to waste 10 minutes travelling back deep into the newbie islands to help the newbies. I think there has to be a better way for experienced players to reach new players without travelling across the entire map. Maybe a system where seniors can teleport to new players with mutual consent, but with a restriction: they are unable to leave that area so this feature doesn't get abused to teleport around. Anyone has better ideas?
  5. Yes you're right, it is possible but as I said it would be bad coding. Code that uses clock for randomness is really outdated imo. Programmers nowadays use pseudorandom algorithms that have been built into the code already. For example in Java (the language used to make most android apps) the Random() class uses a pseudorandom algorithm that has been built into the language, so the developers don't actually make the algorithm themselves. When you make an RNG in an app most people use these prebuilt algorithms, not make a whole new algorithm that relies on the clock. Even if a game uses the clock to generate numbers, there will be no lucky drop time nonsense. Unless the code extracts the HOUR, or maybe MINUTE of the clock, which is terrible coding again. They will probably take the millisecond or an even tinier unit ... nanoseconds? This ensures there is no extra success rate hours, just extra success rate milliseconds which will be almost impossible to take advantage of. The bonus period will be virtually unnoticeable.
  6. I don't know where you heard that nonsense but most computer-randomised numbers are not drawn from the clock, lol. That would just be bad coding. I could explain to you all day about how computers generate "random" numbers, but I think this article sums it up pretty well. https://www.howtogeek.com/183051/htg-explains-how-computers-generate-random-numbers/ Have fun learning something new today!
  7. What do you recommend? I'm looking for a healthy balance between PvP and PvE (more specifically dungeons) so rather not have those PvP-only skills like fear/silence yet. Is Mountain Instincts good (What's the attack speed boost per level)?Hunters Mark? Does Explosive Arrow/Pathfinder's Arrow deal enough damage to be useful in PvP and PvE?
  8. Um this is English forum?
  9. Last time Sapphire had more players but it seems that for me Emerald has more players online these days. Is this correct? Any key differences I should know when deciding between these servers? On EU someone offered Ethereal Essence for 10k lol. On EU the PvP-Ratings seem to be dominated by MC players right now. I'm based in SEA, do I lag more on US server or EU server? Also, why in the world are different terms used in both servers? In EU people call DGs by weird numbers (90k, 100k stuff like that). Why not just BG EASY or DG 11?
  10. Thoughts? I think the extra PHYS % and CRIT % is much better than the extra damage from Fatal Shot. Fatal Shot might seem better at low levels because most of us don't have proper mana regen gear yet, but as Hunters most of us will want mana regen to eventually keep Combat Stance up at ALL TIMES. Therefore I think 5/5 Combat Stance is better at higher levels, especially if you amp your weapon to a high level since the PHYS % boost will be more effective. BTW, why is the Hunter forum so inactive? Easy class?
  11. One of the things I enjoy most about MMORPGs is being able to raid dungeons with clanmates, collecting loot etc. But apparently Warspear has this stamina system which really ruins it for me, I do not want to be restricted to 5 dungeons a day (unless I pay, of course). Personally I would be much happier if the stamina system was removed and dungeon rewards tuned down, maybe. Or make Seeker's Stamina Elixirs more accessible to fully f2p players. I want to be able to run dungeons whole day long, not grinding away at overworld mobs to do dailies. Anybody want to share their thoughts? It seems most senior players don't complain much about this, is there a reason why?
  12. I was thinking the same. SA-Pearl is so dead already. If I recall correct, the top guild in their guild tournament had less GP than the top GP-earning individual on US-Sapphire... Edit: Also not to mention that there are plenty of SA players on US anyway.
  13. With their wide range of defense abilities + word power which can deplete all your mana + harad's tears which can do several tear multiples at 5/5 + new combo stun, I imagine Priests are pretty strong now, especially in arena. Thoughts?
  14. He's considering what char name to use
  15. You lost your bet I came from a very PK-oriented game where you lose levels at death, but fortunately levels didn't matter at PvP because of how the system works (percentage-based damage). Was fun, but it had its shortcomings unfortunately. As for Tibia, never tried it because of some reviews about how you had to pay money to access some places :/ That's lame.
  16. 1) Quests asking you to PvP someone? 2) So people can run back to neutral Nadir when they're injured? xD
  17. So today I noticed an elf guy in the MC part of Irselnort and he was actually attackable - does Irselnort actually allow unrestricted PK among the two alliances? That sounds really fantastic. Now I understand what the game's Google Play description meant when it mentioned "Open PvP". Now here's the thing: Are there any guidelines to Irselnort PvP? Because if there isn't any proper system in place, why aren't there enemy parties constantly causing havoc in the other side of the island? I only ever see one or two small one-man attacks. Thanks for answers.
  18. Hello, so I'm actually already part of a guild (TheTraders) but I think I need a new one because my current one's leader has been inactive for some time (he was at 0 GP last week) More About Me: Name: Kurdock Class: Shaman Level: 13 and rising Planned Build: 15243, because I accidentally leveled EarthProtection when I was younger. Will probably change to 15144 if I have a skill reset book. Last Week's GP: 560, have evidence (see attachment), and that was just 3 days in the guild Interests: PvP mainly, but farming is also great. I try to get at least 8 arena fights a day (one in morning before school, and the rest at home) Hours Online Daily: 3 to 4, but I tend to log off for a while if I can't find anyone to help with bosses. On Saturdays I can get in 6 or 7 hours. Am I willing to spend money?: Yes but I don't have money so no. RL Info: Country: Somewhere in Southeast Asia Ethnicity: confidential Religion: why shd i say Age: Too young to be eligible for 18+ only guilds Languages: English (main), fluent in Chinese, Bahasa Melayu, just started taking lessons in German and French because Germany is supposed to have free university fees, and French is a very 'gentlemanly' language (what my parents say zzz) Guild Preferences: - MUST speak English - Can help with bosses - Can give PvP tips, particularly for Shaman combat - Isn't completely inactive during 9AM CET to 1PM CET (my prime online time) - Much better if dg raids are often organized during the above period Ok I'm a bit demanding considering I'm just a KID and just a lowly level 13 Shaman at that, but why would you guys want to waste this opportunity to get a future top player in your ranks?? If these 'looking for a guild' posts are not supposed to be posted in the 'Guilds' section of the forums let me know, thanks! If you think your guild would like to have me, PM me in-game if I'm on? Also, here's another screenshot of my record arena points gain lol
  19. Or PCs, too. I don't know how many times I've died because of the lag when moving in between locations. More than 10. So would it be possible to download all of Warspear's maps to significantly reduce the load time? Thanks. Alternatively, you could make the server sense when the client is loading something, and give the player temporary immunity until the load is over? The second option could be abused though. Thankss!
  20. I understand this is meant to encourage partying with friends, but no matter how you look at it the current state of the game means new players will usually spend quite some time just looking for helpful people to help them complete a quest. What I'm suggesting would be that players have something beneficial to do while waiting for someone to answer their world chat calls. I really like partying with other people and taking on bosses/dgs together, don't get me wrong, but I can imagine how many people rage quit Warspear after they couldn't find anybody interested in helping them kill a boss.
  21. Honestly, in my opinion, in a game like this where levels are gained through questing, the quests should never reach a stage where you need to kill a boss in order to move on. Particularly bosses where you need a high-levelled guy to party with you. Or at least have something beneficial to do while spamming the world chat with 'need help kill x boss' stuff. At this point I've been waiting 2+ hours for someone to help kill Gilian the Marksman. For newbies in particular, most are probably unfamiliar/uninterested with the arena things, and its very tough for low-levelled characters to solo dungeons. Unless high-amped maybe. Maybe if this game had more players, then there would be more players able to help the newbie out. I probably would still be stuck in level 5 if not for that one player named Richjack (shoutout!! He's an alt I think, not sure which is his main) But often I feel like I'm doing nothing, just posting 'need help kill x boss' in 30 second intervals, then waiting and admiring the 2d art, maybe browse the ranks stuff for a while. Worse still I'm out of arena tickets -,- So AiGrind can you guys please add something in Warspear that allows newbies to pass time doing something beneficial? Maybe mini-games? At least I have to feel I'm not wasting my time waiting for a kind person to show up.
  22. Why does randomness have to be a factor? Can't the relic effects have a 100% chance of success? Like there is always a 10% chance of fearing someone, instead of having to first have a dice roll to see if you even have that 10% chance. Or did I read wrong?
  23. Lolol in arena those high amped Rangers kill me in 2 shots, I can't even touch them
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