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  1. maybe they use a translator. but i dont think that the word TEMPORARY is same as the word PERMANENT in russia. here temporary in russia is like this временный the word permanent is like this постоянныйits obvious in the spelling that they have difference. so its impossible that the word временный and постоянный will have the same meaning in english!!
  2. Sorry i misunderstood sulla being a moderator . but i does not a big deal. the problem here is that developers of this game dont obey their own rules as what you see on the picture. they permanently banned a player whos selling character. but the rule state that the right punishment for him is only temporal banning. but they dont do so. they permanently banned him. is that fair guys?
  3. note: i just made this poll to have a survey, and to know player's opinion on the forum. so please admin dont remove this poll or ban my account. Ok, lets start guys. a guy named Sorath have written on support because his account was been hacked then got blocked for the reason of selling his account to others. as you can see in this topic Need my friends' support please. True, he is wrong right? so thats why he begged the admins to get back his account. then Sulla -(a veteran and a moderator) replied him this: "selling your account is bannable in most if not all mmo, as the content is not your`s, the items, char, the account it self, is the property of airgrind, so your selling someone elses stuff for your own profit, it is not a unfair rule this company has just made to piss everyone off... if they make a exception for one guy, then next time someone else will say: "why not me? you did it for sorath!!!" and the spam topics will carry on." thats why they permanently banned sorath's account. but see the picture guys. it clearly states that selling game items etc. for real money is only temporal ban , not permanent ban. so why did the admins permanently banned sorath? if the right penalty for him is only temporal ban? . Rule is rule right? whether youre just a player or youre a developer. you have to obey rules. right? then why the developer dont do so? thats what i dont know.. GUys what you can say about it?
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