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  1. Can i take some of your art for some videos ?
  2. What about partnership ? I already asked in pm but nobody answer i guess you are all busy to be late and i understand but we need an answer if you can. Sorry to post it here that topic are with partnership too Gz again to top 5 and have a good day
  3. K but you disregarding my video too ,but Nevermind they actually made a good video they deserve there top . I will stop that kind of contest that make me too much angry and confused. Gz to you Zeus from Us-Saphir
  4. Im not even in top 5 Next time i will only made x2 speed and music with it... And i will Be in top 5!
  5. I think dev take more days to choose winner because our video are too much good as each others
  6. We are saying its suspicious because Zeus and Megakr got alot of mote views more reviews on there videos and they have 1.2k subscribers each one... But the vote will be not the end ! Dev will choose with the help of the vote !
  7. The Caster have alot of vote but he have low views and subscriber amount that look a little bit strange lol
  8. Alot of my subscribers was asking me why they cant vote thanks for fix this
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