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  1. My bad im sorry i didnt see the notification thanks alot! Ps: what about the bronze icon ? Thanks alot to take Care of my demand and have a good day!
  2. Hmmm i dont want spam but everybody did get their reward ? Battle pass Come tomorrow and i still not have the reward from the contest?
  3. Im agree with 90% of what your saying but you still close on 1 point ... ITS A ROGUE TOPIC, that why we talk what rogue would need or not , is not because we are saying rogue need a rework that he will get a rework ... If your not rogue user dont stay here... Im old player , i have All class lvl 30-32 ,and yes in pve rogue need a little boost but ofc in pvp he is good no need change anything .
  4. Noobest DPS class on the game sadly. I dont see where is "duplicate"but np ahah, im +10 with mermen set rogue and a seeker +8/+9 without mermen set do more dmg than me( i have strong set)
  5. I 100% AGREE WITH HIM! Buff for auto attack and rework ricochet would make rogue FINALLY a little bit worth for the 2021 meta! Actually 0 mc class Can make more or egal dmg than seeker, in mc we lose All gvg that have pve parts lol and maybe New forsaken class will get something like seeker but can someone explain me something: Pala: have Shield skill Mage: mage have Shield skill Seeker: have Shield skill Priest: have Shield skill Templar: have Shield skill BD : have Shield skill Warden : have Shield skill Mc side: Necro Nevermind we have others usefuls skills but its funny to see some differents like this ahah, mc need a char that equal the power of seeker ( dont charmer pls they need 1 minute to put All dogs and they Cant attack doors). Rogue are skills/auto attack user so maybe rework Frenzy like : delete the Crit and accuracy ( mermen gear and any others gears have it already alots). And put some Strength/Lifesteal buff. I dont really know but Frenzy skill even with 3846 buff it will stay useless ( sorry dev you cant be perfect everywhere ) THANKS TO CARE ABOUT THIS AHAH!
  6. Thanks and gz ! Sorry to asking this but, when winners will get rewards please @Andy ? Sorry im impatient ahah!
  7. Garaan* , but yes me too ahah !
  8. My english is so noob sorry ahah. And Gaaran is my rogue, Garaan is the god of forsaken so if he lend me his power this might make me a demi god ( is the story , i will never said im demi god or any else ahah)
  9. A simple thief that became a demi god! Enjoy ! Leave any coment i will instant answer ahah!
  10. Zavod vs S** BIGGEST War in Sea-pearl
  11. Injustice vs Beasts SEA server
  12. Hey everyone ! I wanna suggest the "Creator Code" on our favorite game Warspear Online ! The Creator Code are for people that make videos or stream on warspear Online. To have an creator code you need to have the lvl 1 or maybe lvl 2 on the Partnership ! And creator would win a little % or static mcoin from the people that bought mcoin with their code ! This will improve all creators videos and Idea ! It will make more imagination and motivation for insane things! I have alot of projects but i dont have the money so if this happen i would can make insane things ! I will not tell here what i want to do ahah! Thanks for reading this!
  13. Here a funny video with Golden Peppa pot lol!
  14. WORLD RECORD DOGS SUMMONED ! 144% cooldown!
  15. Hey you! Yes you lol, go check my Youtube Channel ,you will saw many kind of videos ! Im trying my best in each videos to make them better! Channel link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCNCG-5e73uMO1gbRwiMbRwA All of my videos that will be post after 10/06/2021 will be here in this topic just scroll down ahah! Enjoy the game, enjoy my videos ! PS: we 1440/3000 GO REACH 3000 AHAHAHAHAH!
  16. You Can use the bird on the dogs btw
  17. Second episode ! Yes ahah , I wish the game will not nerf it !
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