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  1. hope lag gets fixed and ofc guild chat bug
  2. secretz

    Best Character

    another downside - blessing doesnt always work 100%....its a CHANCE to do double damage after all
  3. secretz

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    obviously......failed shaman
  4. secretz

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    hell it does.....i dont understand why ppl often compare root and blind. blind aint only good against meele, very good against range class as well BLIND: Cant do any damage, and we cant use skill when we got blinded ROOT: Cant use skills, but we can still do normal damage if they are in our range
  5. well......one more question please. Whats the point of having a neutral zone (nadir sard)?? since we cant trade even there. Doesnt look neutral :wacko: :wacko:
  6. And for the rest of you complaining critical heal, i bet you'd love to have a druid/shaman who can have high critical heal in your party for farming bosses. I bet you wont complain during farming for high heal.
  7. Can we trade with opposing factions through this market? Devs please answer. thank you
  8. well....i hope we get a new sms payment options for replenishing mcoins as well wit this update...hopefully a good one :) besides dat i hope its a good update. keep up the good work devs :)
  9. i finally got my gold back today. thanks :yahoo: :rofl:
  10. well...i hope they fix sms payments for replenishing mccoins too wit this update :) and return my lost gold as well :) if not....... :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:
  11. i havent got my gold back yet :( already sent an e-mail to support bout the details (right afta the maintenance, which was about a week ago), but no replies yet. i spent hours to earn those gold :( :( :( pls give me back my gold :(
  12. yep, agreed wit ya. and if u think this is our topic, THEN u r a NOOB ;D ;D just kidding :rofl: @author sorry for off topic comments
  13. a shaman still hitting 1k+ (total hits) while being rooted 3 days ago. wished i had the screenshot or a video clip of that scene. i guess u'll never understand wat im sayin :facepalm:
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