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  1. Lmao!! Did you read the update carefully? Dk getting nerf on reserve please stop crying about mc skills. This has been clear on wars between legions ans sentinentals
  2. Really? I don't think so. Bds and druids still rule. Clearly you must b a person playing on both sides. Choosing the strongest one every time. Mcs never over powered elves, you just have a habit of crying thats it!!!!
  3. If you say counter is not like it use to be previously, i am a happy person.
  4. I am not even sure if you are going to post this!! but honestly bds didnt really required any upgradation. With new tank classes elfs have become even more stronger and now u give counter back? i see many elfs crying here about skills fix but i think they have somehow got that habbit of crying and getting everything. Just one simple question from game developers: why you make it worse for people playing on legion side. Many have quit coz of these nerfs and coming future even more are gonna quit. Do you see the ratio of mc vs elf in wars at US SAPPHIRE? Why even create mcs lol? Just keep one side running which will keep the game going on i.e elves sorry for such comments but you make mcs weak in every update
  5. Guys what about people who have already done granite guard quest? Will they get to choose reward again? and more over hunter poison skill is not 100% accurate? It hits dodge first then the poison is not applied... please fix the accuracy of the skill too thanks
  6. Seriously why do elf have to come and cry on forum everytime u see some nice thing happening to msc? Pala, druid, bd, rangers, mages all have high end aoe skills and max stuns. Why cry about one char that too new class about Aoe skill.... You reallly neeed not some but many brains to understand this game. And if you dont carry any decent char better go delete
  7. I am so happy with the use of bow/cbow on mc side as i had saved all bow/cbow drops and chest skins....!!!!!!
  8. Wow!!!! Nice but any special reason for 3x gp? And its only gp or you increase drop rates too?
  9. Exactly my point all places with major bosses are always crowded.. i feel the previous system was much better in terms for farmers.
  10. Nice update but honestly the drop chances of gold and items have dropped majorly.... is this how its going to b now on for farmers? The only things that are dropping is common/amplified cata or common/composite essence.... after this update chances of rare items dropped everywhere? Too bad for farmers to earn gold lol ....
  11. Nice a surprise event thats awesome!!!!
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