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  1. On 11/21/2019 at 2:35 PM, Higgings said:


    Always better than these Illuminati theories of yours I suppose.  

    I seriously wish u go through same and someone tells you exactly same thing. Grow up dude we see it thats why say it. If you dont have answers then no need reply instead of backing yourself with baseless thoughts 

  2. Just now, Higgings said:


    They work with his main healing skills, because that skill depends on magic dmg. The expert one that increases a percentage of HPs shall not work with that pot. 

    Its works, seen that in arena plus 60% pots used by non healing classes like bds and druid secret links with real low cd fills u up back full hp in 2 secs. Not complaining but just checking coz mc have a disadvantage over here. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Higgings said:


    They don't work on dk reserves anymore indeed, because none of those healing skills suit the conditions of the lifeforce pot: this pot enhances healing skills which use Magic Damage in order to work (Shaman or Druid's healing, Charmer's, Priest or Necro's and so on). 


    Dk's reserves now depend entirely on the Health Regeneration parameter: in fact it increases the ammount of HP regen and speeds up the Regeneration rate.

    Barb's fury depends instead (if I'm not wrong) on the % of your max hps (Almost like the Pala's new skill) hence it is not affected by the potion.


    I'm attaching here a topic where someone else has explained it in a more detailed way. 




    But they work with pala skills

  4. 45 minutes ago, Higgings said:


    I just mean that they have already explained you that it is technically impossible to create a mechanism which is even near to what you are writing. The drop rate is the same to everybody, but it's clear that the one who spams more has a higher chance to drop than who does not spam at all. It is an Admin who wrote it, thus someone who might know something more than us all, don't you think? 


    Besides, what would they earn on doing this way? What is even the very point on rewarding few players instead of the mass? I don't really believe things work that way, man. 

    They say people who spam more gets more drops? So what will u now talk about raid bosses? Elf kill elm daily they get drops, thy kill engineer once in 2 weeks they get drops, so how will you define such drop mechanism? You think we dont know its elf oriented? Now what will they get? You go ask them what they get by doing it. 

  5. 34 minutes ago, Higgings said:


    You can't be serious.


    That's most likely a GvG event. I believe more than a guild will have the chance to win the challenge. Moreover, the project is still in development and may face changes before it is released.

    What do u mean not serious bro? I m tired of seeing epf geeting 100% drops and mc just getting bars or common cata or most ppl in party nothing. So yes i am 100% serious. You have a doubt? Come play mc char on us server and see it yourself or join elf with their good list guilds.

  6. On 6/29/2019 at 12:09 AM, Waheed said:


    Very good update and nice ideas but gm i have a favor to ask. 

    Could you show us the % drop rates when we want to activate a dg? 

    Or if it's a guild event you could show us the rate at the description and show us what we can drop there. 



    I also have a question about the new abilities which we can learn from the new sector. Are those abilities only available at t5 or everywhere? 



    If you are an elf and preferred guild by the developer or mods your drop rate will be 100%. So go join a guild who is in their good list 

  7. @Reivenorik

    see this is what exactly i was talking about, mc side kill bosses modt time of the week none gets drop. Elf side kill 1 time gets drops. You talk about people luck get reduce. How? A guy from a particular guild gets costume or rare books everytime he kills. Same guy got 5 times costumes 3 times rare books how? You all seriously have specific rates towards elf and these guilds in elfs. Tysm this drop system makes me and many others lose interest in this game. Good luck Aigrind 

  8. 3 minutes ago, Reivenorik said:

    Perhaps these people make more runs than others.
    We aren't able to increase the chances of getting rewards to individual players.

    Its not dg bro!!! It was guild event, 3 costumes and hp book same event on 4 chars of same guy from one guild and u said last time that these drops are extra rare. 

    event started not even 2 hrs and 2 people same guild get hp book back to back! I never believed it until i saw with my own eyes 

  9. 1 hour ago, Reivenorik said:

    What is it about? How do you imagine the mechanics of winning awards?
    Do you think we have a "special button" for each character that determines: to give him something valuable or not? - that's ridiculous.

    All odds of two separate players will always be the same.

    The odds of obtaining a valuable reward are set for a specific dungeon, and not for a player, group, or guild.

    Then why do we see only one guild or its associated people getting drops only? A guy from same guild got 3 costumes rottung air and hp book. How you define rates like these which is specific to only one community and not other?

  10. 16 hours ago, snorlax said:

    Yup, I fixed this bug by accident while working on other features. Right now it's working just as planned, so you need to kill monsters in order to complete dungeon.

    Lol, so we were just happy about dispelling working on it while it was a bug!!!! Hehehe

    now it takes even more time to complete that dg as compared to when relic worked🐵

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