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  1. 3 minutes ago, Som said:


    U Just read this one?

    You forget read mage Nerf.

    wd Nerf? And stop complaint about one skill still no one spend point on this skill.

    An yea we can complain to 

    Charmer more op lol

    Now he's pet deal more DMG and hard to kill cuz use summoner's own resi and fero -_- 

    So we can call mcspear?


    Bds palas druids have been controlling arena, 

    wardens controlling both arena (takes ages to kill them)+ pve(no healers required if have a warden) 

    Mages are supposed to be a damage support class not tanky( so this was right time to put them in place). 

    Shamans are nerfed look at locks they killed them. Dk keeps getting nerf every update.

    which one class on mc side is controlling any place?

    so definitely not mcspear my friend. 

    And as far as that one skill is concerned where no one was spending points on will be 4/4 for every bd. This update was mainly to wake u dead skills.:advise:

  2. 10 minutes ago, Kamisama said:

    this skill is actually not that much powerful , since duration is 7 sec , cd is 30 

    also sonic boom increased dmg in aoe not the base dmg 

    Its not based on received damage anymore but on bd’s base damage. 

    If a bd has 1k+ base (which is normal) 75% of it every 0.75 secs for 7 secs like for real? U can do the math how much it will hurt in those 7 secs 😉

    And its not strong?:no-no-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

  3. 10 hours ago, Peony said:

    Blade Dancer


    контратака.png Counterattack

    Changed skill mechanics

    Upon using the skill the Blade Dancer applies the effect to themselves for 4-5-6-7 seconds. Upon receiving damage, the Blade Dancer deals 40-50-60-75% of their physical damage back, if the target is within the radius of 1-2-3-4 yards.

    The returned damage is affected by attack strength modifiers and ferocity.

    The damage is dealt no more often than once every 1.3-1.2-1-0.75 seconds.

    Cooldown time: 30 seconds.

    Damage from counterattack now works with a Steal Health bonus.

    Yet another broken skill for bds, i really don’t understand where is the balance? 🤔 

    to top it up they increased damage from sonic too like wow!!!!!!!

    lets change the name too from warspear to bdspear😃

  4. 2 hours ago, Higgings said:


    Remove that much resistence they've got and I'm more than fine with the other stuff, included the damage; a class in PvP shall be counterable by exploiting its weak points... hard to do, if that class has got no weak points. 

    I have been asking this since they gave a separate resist skill to bd in the first place, 

    probably devs should see how broken that is.

    there are many skills with elf that needed some balance but for now I would suggest only 3 classes:

    bd: they can do without that resist on the rush given the fact that they have a separate resist skill. That skills gives agro and some stun is perfectly fine.


    pala shield: should be given absorption limit and needs to be shortened. Or should be allowed a counter with retribution just like barbarian stone skin. 


    Druid: this class is the most broken on elf side with 4 heal skills, probably should lower the heal amount and self healing from secret links. As it is supposedly a support class with 3 more healing skills: basic skill healing dew, barrier and patronage, 

  5. amazing rework and I appreciate the hard work of developers team.


    I have a few questions though:

    first is about paladins: why we dont see any changes in terms of shield eating damage reduction?

    paladin shield absorbing absolutely 100% dmg which should have been considered for a change in terms of reducing the absorption amount. 


    Second my question is about barbarians, they should be given a crit heal on combat fury as its the only class that doesnt count crit heals coming back from a healing skill.


    last my question is about blade dancers: 

    Power of blades increases damage, rush with resist and stun chances

    resist skill which seems endless 

    and now over powered counter? For real? 

    Buffing an already overpowered class every time? 

  6. 12 minutes ago, Sai Chandra said:


    You really like to complain a lot while u overlook many things. Let me tell u why

    1. The topic here isnt about aoe stuns/buffs. Even if the classes you mentioned have aoe stuns, the chances of actually having to stun with them are very low(they dont work often). 
    2. druid roots, pala fetters can always be removed by purify pots. You forgot charmer class also has aoe stun.
    3. The "high chance of resist" from scrolls  doesnt just work for sentinels, it works same way for all classes. If you want to counter the few stun skills sentinel classes have, you can also use the same resist.(in fact many actually do) 
    4. Most importantly, if you count all the control effects(many of which have 100% success in working),  legions classes have , they are in fact more than double in number than the sentinel classes. So, clearly legion side has better control in pvp.
    5. Since you didnt do homework for your own barbarian class which you have been playing all the time, let me enlighten you.  The skill with 100% immunity is called "Barbarian's nature". It gives 100% immunity for 10 secs. 

    Very well what exactly you mean by immunity? 

    I m a lil dumb to understand that immunity means 0 attack which no mc class has except for necro shields, barb nature only helps u avoid stuns or debuffs not any damage, maybe you forgot to do the homework instead. Because i see all attacking me without any reason. 

    And if the topic is not about aoe skills/stuns let all talk about present skills then, why we all complaining about shamans too? 3 elf classses have shield skill buffs thats gives 0 damage, already not taking in account the amount of time it stays for, pala bd mage. And the game is not only pvp its pve too, but all your concerns are related to pvp and aoe. People here already talked about them. No need drag this topic them more and stop attacking me.


  7. 2 minutes ago, Higgings said:


    Wise advice you've given, I would follow that as well if I were you. how about you all chill a bit huh? Come on, why even bringing personal stuff here? If you have got some problems, please sort them outside the forum. 



    No bro i dont have any issues until she being a mod getting personal so i just asked for same respect as she would like.


    I have nothing personal against anyone though thank you 

  8. 48 minutes ago, Calypso said:

    Sentinel side is the best in pve, nothing to say, you are the one who always complain.


    Think before you write anything, Mrs.

    I am not the one with best aoe skills and still complaining, its actually the other way round sweetheart!!!!

    I think when i write unlike you..


    And i can get personal too 😉 so Better watch your words mrs svip

  9. 15 hours ago, Calypso said:

    Aoe skills arent all stun on sentinel, but most aoe are disable/debuff/stun in legion side, and 1 class have multiple aoes.

    Playing a class that not gives aoe stuns/buffs/debuffs doesnt count. 

    Or probably you can learn a bit more about aoe skills elf have then talk about them because everyone knows elfs have most and best aoe stuns buffs and skills..


    Apart from that, name 3 chars mc have that can steal boss if consider damage apart from hunter rogue as compared to massive damage made by mages seekers rangers and so some extent by blade dancers. 

    I counted aoe stuns for elf i ll give u that again: bd rush multiple stuns, druid roots(expert) mutliple 

    pala fetters multiple, aura of fire mages with stun bulid infinite stuns 


    on the other hand only lock have aoe stuns which has a high chance of resist with gears scrolls skills etc. 

    so i would say need some homework before complaining is required. 🙂 nothing personal u are the best out there😉

  10. 2 hours ago, Higgings said:


    Hmm no, I believe it only dispels current buffs it has got and shortens the time of new casted buffs. Mental pit and Silence have got totally different effects. That's clearly a supporting skill, but I would see such a thing way better on a warlock more than a mage, in my honest opinion. 

    Ummm yes kind off.... i could relate to what u mean and read again its shortening the effect of new skills used by opponents i guess

  11. On 5/23/2020 at 2:23 PM, Peony said:

    Removes from the opponent several buffs that were received from the skills, and applies the Time Absorption debuff to the opponent for some time. This effect shortens the duration of all new skill buffs.

    This is a combination of 3 things in 1 time: debuffing the enemy+silence+mental pit 


    this is tooooooooooooooooo much for a mage. Imagine a combination of mage + bd 


    you guys are making me laugh. 



    For sure needs some changes

  12. Now a very serious note a suggestion: 


    with new bd resist skill i think you should look into removing resist and stun from rush because if u think from any class/group vs bd that is gonna use rush( already resist) then he stuns and uses ham which doesnt allow u to use skill, some classes dont even have that many skills to cast which can remove the skill effect, not to forget, the amount of damage they make on you, how u think u can survive? 


    Either u should make new skill time based like all other classes that have resist or should remove resist and stun from rush. This is a way to balance out the high damage from such a class. 

  13. 6 hours ago, Higgings said:


    The fear is not justified in my honest opinion. Not until everthing will be tested. Many things are good/bad from their description but that doesn't mean they will necessarily be like that once you try them out. The test will also allow devs to make adjustments (if needed), so there's no point for people to be motivated by fear when stating something. 

    The history repeats itself at every such update 🙂. No nerfs are done in favor of legion sides ever, so its okay for us to complain before entering test which later will say : test is diff from real time scenarios. 


    Its open forum and all can show their disappointment. Test or no test😁😁😁

    nothing personal...

  14. 13 hours ago, SageofWarspear said:

    Not sure ... Kindly "Read" Skill descriptions ... Just cause BD got an op skill that is bound to be nerfed doesn't mean you ignore the 6 other over powered mc skills. This update does favour mc more than elf if I were to give my opinion on this subject.


    ¤ Warlock AoE silence?

    ¤ Nerco Legion of coffin dance skeletons?

    ¤ DK pull and mark an enemy to death (if he runs he deals dmg to his friends nearby)?

    ¤ Hunter's ... Ahem ... Invisible Trap that deals damage and can stun ?(basically all ranger traps combined :/).

    ¤ Rogue has now an equivalent of Seeker's BloodThirst skill (hp regen and high dmg) on top of absurd dodge?.

    ¤ Charmer's 5 Dogs and Bird ?.


    Do not spout nonsense and criticise the hard work of Developers out of petty inconvenience without being sure you have ample of evidence and research. Or else I will hunt and shame Ya'll.




    It is agreed that Mc side needs all the buffs and advantages they can due to the already dwindling population there.

    If anything AIGRIND is trying to save the Mcs not destroy them.


    Clearly not saving population 🤣🤣🤣🤣 just killing them more than before, so chilll druid another heal bd resist ranger stun seeker more dmg wardens more dmg so chilll no need over react (clearly you are an elf) how does that matter if mcs dont like it? 

  15. 16 hours ago, Beowullf said:

    Benefiting the sentinels? Read again friend, the legion faction has received several totally unfair group control skills, it will be very difficult in guild vs guild battles, and especially in wars.

    More than it already is, because it is totally difficult with that much of stun in the area and they only increase it by giving more skill in the area for the legion, too rough.

    You seriously think mcs have area stuns? Which class except warlocks? 

    Area stuns= bd rush pala fetters druids roots aura of fire mage(mages with stun staffs) 

    so stop crying or sentimentals always in a habit of it? 🤔

  16. How many resists you will provide to blade dancers? Rush resist now a skill with not single but multiple resist, seems like you want to end the game... 


    be happy for a while for getting advantage but what will you do if there will be no enemies to fight with? Play alone sentimentals.. AIGRIND CHURNING PROFITS FROM SENTIMENTALS? Kill mcs already with such an update, what will elfs do? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    funny do they really use some sense there while making skills?😂

  17. 7 hours ago, Peony said:

    During the effect, any incoming damage dealt to the character increases and the maximum amount of health decreases.



    7 hours ago, Peony said:


    сила берсерка.png Berserker Power

    Increases the Penetration parameter, as well as the attack speed if equipped with a one-handed weapon, and the physical power of the character if equipped with a two-handed weapon, for some time. During the effect, any incoming damage dealt to the character increases and the maximum amount of health decreases.

    The last sentence doesnt make any sense, i m sorry, why will i buy a skill which will decrease my hp and increase incoming dmg for the skill’s effect time? 

    Kinda sounds weird... and 


    if you all wanna push barbs to use more of 2h weapons, then u might as well reconsider about shield strike skill, a dmg skill that can only be used if one is using a shield, 


    as always elfs get the good stuff, hah no wonder u all are running out of ideas to make a balance instead of making it a one sided game.......

  18. Week after week, event after event same story!!!!

    only fixed names getting drops

    spamming seems useless because not even getting a drop after 500-600 runs, all you get is common composite crafts useless items. Any then they say its all about luck!! 

    Just not acceptable!!! Is that a new way of leaching money? 

    Or maybe time to leave a real time review for this game. 

    On 4/23/2020 at 7:57 PM, Peony said:

    drop chance increases with the dungeon level);

    What exactly are the drop chances? 0.00000000000000001%? 

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