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    Necromaa reacted to KingEricc in [2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News   
    You have never been more right.. I agree to remove them from arena all together.. that will be a good start towards “balancing” the game. Purify Pots from castle can be much more beneficial for MC. They literally spam them all match to remove controlling effects from elves: Roots, Fetters, Cage, Hamstring, Chains, more than half of our decent and main stuns gets removed by a single pot. I’d honestly say they use a set each arena match. Whilst elves cant even remove any of MC stuns🤨. Seems kinda unfair and sus to me. 
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    Necromaa got a reaction from Buuuu in [2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News   
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    Necromaa reacted to Strahd in [2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News   
    ☆The Charmer☆
    It's  skills being strong "now" is not the issue. Charmer had been weak for years. While classes like Seeker, Mage and Blade Dancer can one-hit-kill any player, or Charmer-summoned pet. All the while, the Charmer takes a long time to summon several dogs and a bird, that players can easily kill right after, almost in one hit.
    Elf side has so many much more powerful classes than Charmer, it's not even funny.  And to nerf Charmer, who had been the least played class, and weakest class for years, seems unfair. Especially when only a small amount  of nerfs have been given to Elf side classes in years. Yet Legion side classes are all weak by comparison. 
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    Necromaa reacted to Fabr in [2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News   
    The duration of the shaman's skill is longer than the ranger's. And most of the time he ends up running away from the shaman.
    What do you mean "can be counter with most elf classes"? The only class that effectively counters it is the templar, because it plays on top of the totem so no one can get close again. And he can save yes, for example if a druid is stuning someone in your group you use it and it will remove the stun allowing it to counterattack.
    The totem takes a lot of damage and will take a lot of your hp alone if you stay close to it, while it hits you the shaman is attacking you with other skills. And of course this rogue is with 50% resilience but with +0 equips, and 5k hp.
    How can it hit hard with 0% penetration? Not sure how this affects the total damage? A lot of classes (only ranger and mage) also suffer from accuracy because the other rogues have 60% dodge and further reduce their accuracy.
    Haha ha
    Give the BD counterattack back as it used to be, it would be very fair too.
    And locks stun and run, and charmers running with 3 dogs attacking you also win the game.
    Paladin only deals high damage if it is 1vs1  , any other you will only depend on his agro and sun seal.
    For this reason, druid has almost nothing to buff his allies, except healing, and a low penetration increase .no wonder it is one of the worst classes for pve.
    Because he's part of the druid, he has nothing to defend against other than stuns and cures. By the way, if these aoe damage skills were really decent they would max it out.
    Because they are 2 completely different skills. The totem is pure damage to 1 target and it doesn't control, the druid's damage is aoe and holds. One is for damage and the other is for immobilizing. If druid wanted damage she would use her pet (and actually does, 4/4). And you can't call that control, whoever has as caugh can use anti stun, throw a knife, use ranged control, etc etc.
    This forum is packed with "nerf bd, seeker, mage, ranger, druid, templar" by mcs users. Do they make sense to you? Why not elves?
    Because it's pvp build, you want to improve any skill that helps pvp fight. Or do you want to fight using pve build? All mcs classes also have their pvp builds.
    I invite you to look at all the "trash" skills of the elves and show me how you can somehow be useful to us, since you know more than old players.
    Every class has its "useless" skills. You just want to buff them because they are mc classes. How logical, no? (and reflexes are being used by rogues, it's not useless, which shows you don't know anything about skills)
    Yes it's not survival, it's about defeating your opponents. The point is that the opponent doesn't die, and I've already proven how much he tanks.
    Chief has no stun and has plenty of chances.
    It has nothing to do with being beaten. It's certain classes that are unbalanced and need nerfing, and I've already told them, rogue charmer and chieftain. I never said anything about nerf beyond these three.
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    Necromaa reacted to AmceRe in [2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News   
    70% health🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 do you even read the skill descriptions?🤣
    theres a huge difference between 70% of someones health and 70% of someones mdmg, overall chieftains still heal less than palas (which by the way even overheal shamans among with more control skills)(4k with prayers on castle pot and can do up to 5k crit heals with that basic heal skill) and youre out here crying?
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    Necromaa reacted to Fabr in [2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News   
    I won't say anything, just watch this video and tell me the "low defense" class that runs through 4 players as a tank and doesn't die. Enjoy and see your magic damage. Low, no? And he heals 1100. 2200 In critical healing. Wouldn't that heal much more than priest and necro if it had more magic damage?
    Yes you can attack... but it will look like you forgot to equip your pvp weapon. Do you think that only stun is good? And other debuffs are not valid?
    Because it's HYBRID, it doesn't have the same strength as full physical damage or full magic damage, but it's still very strong because it has the 2 builds together, and still does a lot of damage.
    The shaman's totem heals his entire group with a periodic high healing, and is healing even with the shaman being stunned, the totem heals alone for him, if he has castle pot he becomes almost immortal. He has a skill that reduces damage by 50% and removes negative effects that saves someone who is being attacked and stunned.
    Shaman has a skill that makes you run wild for a LONG time.
    He has skill that increases critical damage.
    He has the fire totem that is very strong. try to stay close to him so you can feel what damage is.
    It can buff atack speed, cd, critical damage, energy reg.
    Weakness Totem decreases critical, accuracy and penetration, try getting 0% penetration with this skill.
    The mcs only know how to compare skills from other classes, they think that only healing and stuns win the game.
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    Necromaa reacted to Lwn in [2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News   
    I never played elf side and I agree but 
    By comparing Druids heal with shaman , druids can save anyone under 1k hp and they have multiple heal skills , which can heal upto 3-4k normally and full hp if the partner uses heal pot. On the other hand , shaman have a trash shield skill called "ANCESTORS HAND" even if u make it 4/4 will absorbs only 1k hp and a paladin shield absorbs 125% of the paladins hp.(Which is 8X times better than the Ancestors hand skill approximately) 
    Important thing is druid with Orcinus book can make halo skill(new skill) appear  4x on himself or his/her partner just by 1 time applying the skill and after that the skill will be recharged soon to Re-use without any delay of time. So the druid or his partner won't die in arena. 
    Cheiftain and shaman only have 1 base aoe controlling skills which have limits and a dead class necro have acid rain. Actually all classes in mc doesn't have aoe controlling skill and in elf side alot of classes have a better aoe controlling skill. Cheiftain have 0 stun and all they can do kite elfs, buff up and repeat , comparing to bds they do low damage. 
    1 . Shaman
    One Base heal skill same like druid and one aoe damage + trash controlling effect for few seconds 
    Another heal skill is heal totem which isn't a instant heal and most of the elf class can counter by using pull skills
    One more heal skill!! Oh wait that's not a heal skill , it's just an another trash skill which increase hp buff 1k if 4/4 and 250 if 1/4
    So shaman only have 2 heal skills
    2. Druid
    Base heal normal like shaman and a 1 target control skill , then the dps reduction skill.
    Like 4x expert heal skills , which can do better heal even 1/4 and 3 "AOE CONTROLLING" skills which can stop alot of enemies and damage them badly.
    So druid have 5 heal skills totally with 3 aoe controlling skills.
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    Necromaa got a reaction from Buuuu in [2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News   
    My only point in rebalancing is about usage of castle pots for both sides, remove them and we will have a better picture of balance in game in terms of which  skills need rework and which doesnt :) :) :)
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    Necromaa reacted to Buuuu in [2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News   
    There is 2 builds on chieftain which one are u mentioning here ?. Go full physical = lower heals . Go full magical = lower damage with frenzy n wolf .it can't be both .
    How many heals do shaman have 🤣
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    Necromaa reacted to Fabr in [2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News   
    This "infinite stun" of bd is easily broken, hamstrings often fall on dodge and enemy parry, rush has 70% chance, lower than other skills that have 80 or 85%, not counting resistance that is everywhere and relics . And bd needs to have a high cd to do that, he needs to use skill points in hurricane, or fill his entire set of cd crystals.
    Sap reduces 20% damage and 34.9% dps 5/5.
    Can kill rogues with +0 resilience in 3-4 hits yes.
    His resist is 35 seconds of cooldown, even with a high cd it takes a long time to recharge, and I don't think he survives that long.
    Similar to bd, ranger, and seeker, plus he deals area damage equal to the damage dealt. And in dgs and arena.
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    Necromaa got a reaction from Speedom in [2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News   
    When the topic of rebalancing comes the very first thing that comes to my mind in term of AOE skills is: purification pots that can remove sentinel’s aoe where as mc’s skills less that can be removed at elf side...  so my suggestion would be to remove usage of castle pots completely from arena 
    U must be kidding here if u have used barb which has max time on rush
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    Necromaa reacted to Akasha in [2020.10.23] Update Warspear Online 9.1: Infected Grunland. Preview   
    I heard that Higgings has personally isnpected all the locations in advance to ensure we follow all the WHO guidelines to host the amount of players! A-ha!
    But remember to keep a safe distancing guys - safe distancing! 

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    Necromaa reacted to Higgings in [2020.08.20] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Release   
    Rush + Hamstrings... these are in total 7 yards. I'm counting them in since you mentioned the DK's combo with Blow of the silence (which, in order to work, we have to trigger 3 skills and don't forget that everything goes to dust if you resist our Pull).
    FoJ is an AoE disabling skill. You will eventually manage to use it if Call fails. That skill simply allows you to get closer to the enemy, which in your case, it's exactly what you guys want. 
    It's enough for them to jump with ennoblement on, which they always do. 
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    Necromaa reacted to TheCaster in [2020.08.20] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Release   
    I think this is only good on paper. When you look at it realistically, sentinels mobility + control skills more than compensates. 
    Paladin switches on shield jumps into a crowd and just apply fetters in a group fight.
    No one can stop BD rush lol. I'm not gonna go there. 
    Mages jump in and shattered stone stun. 
    Mobility plays a very important role. 
    Could you tell me a scenario where legions initiate stun? Charmer had in 1vs 1 scenario but that's over now since the range was reduced. 
    Just curious since nothings coming to my mind .
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    Necromaa reacted to Som in [2020.08.20] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Release   
    Aggre but if you see closer charmer best in PvP and good in pve to many stun an run tactic
    And see necro totem and warlock weak zone it's incredible in gvg or war 
    I disagree with dk to.
    Ranger's / hunters get big Nerf to but actually need
    After new boss/mini boss drop rules
    Many ranger's with max speed esy steal bd/mage/wd or another slow calss kill/drop really need balance this.
    Ruge kill you with one combo.
    And now more effective.
    Yes yes seeker stun but 80% still no 100. notice it
    And yeea seeker skill balanced now 
    Attack instick  really op so much.
    Now we call balanced but if give more attention for cd can spam it aggin.
    Bow/cbow nerf really unfair with beginner.
    Now cbow the slowest weapon ig
    Yea Saman needed nerf fire totem very strong in early PvP.
    Finally I aggre with wd Nerf to
    Now elf healer get more information in pve. It's true
    Who knows what come in future who knows.
    Have a nice day 🙂
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    Necromaa got a reaction from nilozero in [2020.08.20] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Release   
    Yet another broken skill for bds, i really don’t understand where is the balance? 🤔 
    to top it up they increased damage from sonic too like wow!!!!!!!
    lets change the name too from warspear to bdspear😃
  17. Confused
    Necromaa reacted to Som in [2020.08.20] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Release   
    U Just read this one?
    You forget read mage Nerf.
    wd Nerf? And stop complaint about one skill still no one spend point on this skill.
    An yea we can complain to 
    Charmer more op lol
    Now he's pet deal more DMG and hard to kill cuz use summoner's own resi and fero -_- 
    So we can call mcspear?
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    Necromaa got a reaction from Luiz Carlos in [2020.08.20] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Release   
    Yet another broken skill for bds, i really don’t understand where is the balance? 🤔 
    to top it up they increased damage from sonic too like wow!!!!!!!
    lets change the name too from warspear to bdspear😃
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    Necromaa got a reaction from necrotp1 in [2020.08.20] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Release   
    Yet another broken skill for bds, i really don’t understand where is the balance? 🤔 
    to top it up they increased damage from sonic too like wow!!!!!!!
    lets change the name too from warspear to bdspear😃
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    Necromaa got a reaction from Mczohan08 in [2020.08.20] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Release   
    Yet another broken skill for bds, i really don’t understand where is the balance? 🤔 
    to top it up they increased damage from sonic too like wow!!!!!!!
    lets change the name too from warspear to bdspear😃
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    Necromaa reacted to Kamisama in [2020.08.19] Game server restart. Welcome update 8.4.2!   
    imagine druid + paladin in arena 2v2 , tell me an mc combination to win please
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    Necromaa reacted to lore in [2020.08.17] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Preview   
    U mean with this update. pala, deathknight, barbs, bds...  Coulnt from even before the creation of the warden itself 
    Wich classed u play btw? You ever had a legion experience? Or a gvg...  Mages's fire ground is unblockable, it hurts, can remove wd's forti...  Seekers have idiotic 1 target dmg, druids dmg by roots unblockable too. Bladedancer the meme of op.. Necros still can rain ur ass and connect u with all ur teamies around, 
    U end up in 20vs20 or more fights in guild vs guild events... Usualy vs high amp (and level) and high chance of arena players on norm.... 
    Wait the requirements for wd to run the dungeons are low as heck, pepole looks SPECIFICALY for warden as a tank and could be saw many times
    On the YouTube u can see videos of wardens carrying the whole world
    "Wd isn't immortal" be only able to be killed by amped pvp players while using a pve gear is idiotic strong by definition, any other case means ur going to be nuked if u see a pvp geared player by you being pve, but warden still can carry on, barb if it has luck
    Be only be able to be killed by tank strong tank busters while not having a healer (dagan's critical hit (but u can bypass it)  or elm's/technopolis hard full horde as examples) is equivalent of op, even at huge amp
    Warden from the update won't be anymore the apex predator that was setting on danger the healers and the tank pala/bd(not much for bd because haha bd goes brr) 
    "Warden has no dmg" use stealing power and a basis is secured, max it for a great dmg
    U need keep the ecosistem balanced, by introducing the warden (apex predator) it (in the most brutal way) ducked all the rest as tanking, now its getting lowered bit by bit till it doesn't get on a human level, this is the right update. 
    + u could see players actively shouting for nerfing the warden, and not few, and almost everyone described it between op tank and easymode, a tank should be tanky not god
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    Necromaa got a reaction from Higgings in [2020.08.17] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Preview   
    I have been asking this since they gave a separate resist skill to bd in the first place, 
    probably devs should see how broken that is.
    there are many skills with elf that needed some balance but for now I would suggest only 3 classes:
    bd: they can do without that resist on the rush given the fact that they have a separate resist skill. That skills gives agro and some stun is perfectly fine.
    pala shield: should be given absorption limit and needs to be shortened. Or should be allowed a counter with retribution just like barbarian stone skin. 
    Druid: this class is the most broken on elf side with 4 heal skills, probably should lower the heal amount and self healing from secret links. As it is supposedly a support class with 3 more healing skills: basic skill healing dew, barrier and patronage, 
  24. Thanks
    Necromaa got a reaction from Akasha in [2020.08.17] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Preview   
    amazing rework and I appreciate the hard work of developers team.
    I have a few questions though:
    first is about paladins: why we dont see any changes in terms of shield eating damage reduction?
    paladin shield absorbing absolutely 100% dmg which should have been considered for a change in terms of reducing the absorption amount. 
    Second my question is about barbarians, they should be given a crit heal on combat fury as its the only class that doesnt count crit heals coming back from a healing skill.
    last my question is about blade dancers: 
    Power of blades increases damage, rush with resist and stun chances
    resist skill which seems endless 
    and now over powered counter? For real? 
    Buffing an already overpowered class every time? 
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    Necromaa got a reaction from Akasha in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
    No bro i dont have any issues until she being a mod getting personal so i just asked for same respect as she would like.
    I have nothing personal against anyone though thank you 
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