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  1. During this event arent the guilds which hold the castle suppose to access the castle dg for free?
  2. Is that all for Warspear birthday event? Expansion on talent tree nd some guild changes? if yes…. Then i am disappointed in aigrind……..
  3. Drop rate of common and composite craft resources? To be honest the level of drop rate has made ppl already quit. Please remove blue green resources from dg and even if you all dont wanna give drops atleast make these dgs worth spamming by giving out bars. So atleast ppl can recover some cost of spending on them. these crafts items and pots should not be there in dgs imo, better give dmg pots or scrolls that are even worth collecting. The event in itself is great but what makes it worthless is the dropping system of yours. @LeeLoo @Dr Strange and @ to all the admins and developers of aigrind!!!!
  4. Please on behalf of all the prople playing warspear, we urge you to remove green/blue craft resources from event dgs and make drop system better for everyone, it should not be one player getting back to back drops while others get blue green s****. I hope you would work on this in upcoming weeks of spring event
  5. Please fix the drop rates, or is it my char which is unlucky to not get drops?
  6. Shamans are buffed lmao…. Pffff go read the update again,
  7. I think it lacked healing, Tbh it lacks on stun, those skills which are nerfed are the ones on which this class survives, giving a 100% stun and taking away the resist benefit doesnt actually works the way u show it, I would strongly recommend you u look into these changes again before u imply them, this class lacks heal and stuns, u took away the stuns from aura fire, atleast give that back for it to survive. mages were better off without u thinking to rework on them, RIP …….
  8. I m simply playing the game in the way mcs have encouraged everyone else to play. you take help of ally guilds in elf, we have our own chars in mc to do the same job. i m here only stating facts. Keeping it to the topic will be better instead of targeting me here on forum too. i hope i m able to make it clear. thank you
  9. Playing in arena means drama? Wow!!! Look at them jumping in forum now. i guess i m still their favourite 😀😀😀
  10. Mc in other servers too dominate elves, because mc classes are way op than elves (played both sides), but none of them playing mcs in us sapphire will agree to it coz they lack population and blame on skill balancing…. tbh its not the problem about skills or classes on this particular server, its only and only about those who play and how they treat the rest… Agreed elves have high population on us sapphire because they have options to play with other guilds. the situation about population will arise in elves too if there will be only one guild dominating the side. If you play against that guild, they will make you lose everything arena gvg wars etc etc. at the very least in elf side they atleast dont kick if you go dg with enemy guild, In mc side they do… so the question is not really about skills or classes its only and only about bad politics….
  11. I have played mc side myself on us sapphire for a decade maybe, only left the side coz of toxic behaviour of fellow players, and trust me they dont stop, they just continue to be toxic even after leaving and thy come from uncivilised backgrounds. just see this: Its just one of the examples(i can show more if anyone wants to know) of how they treat people. None of these ppl know me personally or those who talk know how i look or live or whatever, but they all follow ppl from sithlords because that guild dominates the legion side, if wanna blame anyone for legion side dying blame sith. highly toxic imo.
  12. Static not destructible items* :) so flag comes under static? And not destructible, i would like to get a clarification from devs.
  13. It is not intended to stack dot dmg on flag if u can see in the video, none of the classes’ aoe dmg is supoosed to stack dmg to flag, probably acid rain was left out from list or imo its a bug that is being abused or which needs a fix. Thank you.
  14. This requires a bug fix i suppose. All classes aoe dmg cannot affect flag hp. necro acid rain hitting flags is a bug which is not been fixed. Adding a video of players abusing bugs instead reporting them. IMG_2259.MOV
  15. I think they mean from scrolls pots runes etc... the resistance will be max 50%
  16. Why seals low ap after reset? You guys reduced the ap per 2x tickets? Normally use to get 100+ even if a lose without any buff
  17. And what about same chars getting back to back drops while others getting back to back non worthy crafts? Are you all making some sort of fool out of people? Now dont say “only luck” because i fail to understand how 1 person has all the luck while others have all the bad luck fix your drop system, it needs improvement
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