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  1. spanish and sulla ofc then nia ;D
  2. nadon

    Shaman :'(

    true story ;D add how a player do more than 50+ res at a place with 20+ elves around just saying lol lol lol lol .. :lol:
  3. astral damage is done when we do foj+purification. and if u have lvl 3 foj then u ll have to press purification immediately after foj or else u lose ur chance to do astral damage. even though there is no such thing as astral defence ,still ur damage ll vary at different mobs and players.. the damage ll be slightly more than half of total astral .
  4. ur choice ,but 5 foj is the new trend :rofl:
  5. @irfansha :D begani shadi m abdulla deewana usne usko khelne k liye diya h ,ye scam nhi hua
  6. i want to complain about the ranger trap vs warlock circle. :crazy: if a ranger put trap and crosses, trap is gone but when a warlock put circle and cross the circle remains... this actually happens or just my slow internet? ;D
  7. since nobody hunts nowadays the best setup can be 5 5 1 1 5 (just my opinion. i used 2 ducking book of oblivion for my shit setup but sometimes it feels awesome when people heal like 320+ ;D when i m in for 5 aura its all ur choice coz i havent found any use when u r alone.
  8. ammm i made my paladin to be a perfect tank and ofc it do suck in pvps... just my skill setup = 5 2 5 2 3 :blush:
  9. i am neither angry nor got a problem. i just want to clear that its a game and i can do whatever i like , things which are under the rules. If u dont mind ,i dont care and if u mind still i dont care. AND not doing ♥♥♥♥♥ing
  10. To Barking ♥♥♥♥♥ Warspear Online is a cross-platform massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with real-time battle system. As a MMORPG it has differernt factions and classes.Warspear asthe name suggests ,its about the factions and players from around the world to battle with and AGAINST. As a player one has the right to neutralize the opposite factions ANYWHERE ,ANYTIME. Its more about the interest of the players if they want to indulge in a battle with the opposite faction players alone or with the comrade.To make the gameplay interesting AIGRIND provides in game items as accessories. Regards
  11. :facepalm: why u people have to post everything here........ dont u get the humor
  12. its not abt 3 vs 1 ,its about skills that don't allow u to move and make u a big lamb to be butchered
  13. i aint got any problem with u or ur gay boyfriends... and for 1 on 1 ,u arent to my lvl yet so better grow up and come back when u dont need ur crossing friends.... and for being desperate ,yes i am too desperate to kill u coz i am alergic to ur shit bla bla this bla bla that
  14. its atisata not watever u r typing it.... :rofl: maybe too afraid to type it right.... and i am ATISATA ;D
  15. dont want to post shit and talk shit about u people {somtyms u kill us , somtyms we kill u} 8)
  16. :crazy: see the topic name and do something devs
  17. a mage cape should be introduced in the new patch ;D coz i got hand on a mage now...
  18. nadon

    Indian community

    happy diwali bhai log :)
  19. A paladin is best for hunt with there aura .... And due to the beautiful swamp island nobody wants to hunt like the way they used to do before... So... Aura is not that useful now...and somone is telling that the paladins can go in between legion and forsakens and use Foj and others do damage then i can assure u that there are very few times when such precious moment come for a paladin coz during the war like situation all the firstborn and chosens are unable to use their skills if the forsakens and legions are at the other side of crossing...Thanks to the balanced skills firstborn and chosen die like chickens.... And for the astral damage done after combination,why the damage is like little more than half of total astral,as there is no such thing as astral defence.... A paladin must get dot equal to the total astral one has....
  20. nadon

    mage cape

    There aren't many mages around ...but i noticed that each and every class have capes with stats they need...but the mages don't have a particular only mage cape....they have to use priest cape which have astral which is not for mage ofc... There are seperate capes for dark magic users...1 with astral 2.with dodge so it will be good if devs introduce a mage's own cape.... P.S. It about lvl 17 capes...
  21. same.... No matter which slot i choose or how many tyms i choose....its always norlant rune or crystal...
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