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  1. When ELF/CHOSEN use stun skills on MC/FORSAKEN, they can still use POTS and DO NORMAL attack....


    BUT when MC/FORSAKEN use stun skills on ELF/CHOSEN ,they cant use the POTS...


    So you may try to fix the thing that nobody uses POTS if stun skills are used on them.

  2. Purifying   FOJ   Light aura  Persuasion  Heavenly light


    => Rambo/ Arena Master

        5 5 1 1 5

    => Labyrinth Farmer

          5 5 5 1 1

    => Norlant Roamer

          5 3 3 1 5

    => F**k yeah I'm a Paladin

          # 5 4 4 1 3

          # 5 3 4 1 4




    Setup at lvl 20


    Correct if anything is to be added or something is not right

  3. lvl 20 basic hp without equips



    Barbarian :2100

    Bladedancer :2020

    Deathknight :2020

    Paladin :1790


    Paladin, d.k and b.d HP is balancedm Except barbarian, i think difference armour and echant



    I ever seen s.s paladin with 4k HP, but i forgot where is the s.s





    paladin can't have 4k hp  :unknw:


  4.                                                                     THE CORE

    Опубликованное фото



    The core is a happy go lucky guild and is more active during nights .The members of  the guild may not be the best, but we like it that way. Sometimes we die, and sometimes we die a lot,WE DON’T CARE! .What we do care about is having a hell lot of fun killing and killing some more.



    The elvish shield with a sword and hammer denotes the alliance of Firstborn and chosen.

    The lion represents vigorous strength and pride, its taken from the statue of defender Harad at Altgard.The Hawk wings represents freedom. :)


    its not a post for class discussion :facepalm:


    its for the developers to look into ...

    As a player of this game m asking following questions indirectly...



    and u moved it :shok:

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