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  1. Rog = bug skill Poisonous Blades + Ricochet = hit 6x simultaneous. Fix it.
  2. Hunter: Fear 4/4 = 4 sec (14 sec. cd) Stun 5/5 = 3.5 sec (17sec. cd) Silenc 4/4 = 5.5 sec (14 sec. cd) Total = 13 sec. 13 sec. for class dmg is op,no elf can kill.
  3. Rang have trap, cage , both the opponent can use skills, and skill stun/disorientation is 1 yards, not fair. Hunter have stun,silenc and fear 4 yards.
  4. Serious gm?? hunter have stun, silenc and fear, where equilibre?
  5. Esse jogo só caga pros elf,. Charmer la um monte d stun, ate em arena. Os elf q precisa d uma classe igual wlock , e n vem. Desanima cada vez mais d jogar , fora q wlock e dk o GM n falou nada d nerf eles, estão super robados e ninguem faz nada, qnd os o bd tinha reflet, o Gm tirou, agora q os mc ganhou mais 2 classe xeio d stun, eos elf nada. Parebens aigrind por essa att.
  6. lol seeker is Chosen, 10% energ. plz Firstborn(4% dmg) for seeker.
  7. Hey Gm Need to fix the ferocity weapon bug, it's hitting less than the normal pvp staff.
  8. ​Only my passive skill of the arena disappeared? Bug ?????
  9. É cada doido q me aparece nesse jogo.
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