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  1. Why the hp its lower then before update and there is no info about it?...I have less hp now with arena buff then without it...
  2. they dont care,mercs told them in forum to make it normal again if skill 4-5 and they did it 😂 ....all paladins used foj 5/5 before...u didnt changed nothing lol.and now they have more hp too,great.keep it going
  3. instead of fixing this bug screen they make new updates even with this game problem that has been there for years...Yes we all know bug position,u can make it by moving left and right fast click for few times then ur oponent will see u in another location than u actually are.Thats how they can stun/hit u from miles away coz the bug position.I didnt expect from a 2D game to have such problems...and after so many years they didnt fix it....I cant imagine what aigrind will do if they create a 3D game...quess it will be full of buggs for sure...no offense but we are tired of this.I posted so many
  4. lets get real here,Foj was too op in arena for x2 pala team,its a good update.The only thing i dont understand is why they add 1 totem more to shamans...They have 2 totems allrdy that can get avoided very easy,why add another skill that can be avoided too....lets not forget that shamans dont have any stun and blond can easely be resisted...bad ideea on shaman skills... the resurect in arena for necro ir priest its same even if they let them use it in arena...kill necro/priest first and thats it.No more revive...
  5. Nice update,i like the map very much,on t4 was too bright...Can u guys work a lil on the map buggs too pls?I mean if i move back and forward few times in arena,i can stun from half map...or when rogue use jump sometime its het teleported the other side of them map,not near the character that u selected to go...and locks they put circle under u but acttlualy the player its waaay more far than u see him at...its very anoying...we have this problem from quite some time now...maybe can be fixed in the nearest future...
  6. If u share and loose the account coz that guy scammed u then yes,thats not Aigring problem anymore.
  7. Heres an example.If i would have a brother and he decide to help me spam and we spam by turn coz we have jobs too,its that cheating?:))) We payed for our accounts,not aigrind,if i pay for something,that something its mine.This is the only game in the world that not allow sharing,and thats dumb asf,i understand selling and trading yes...but sharing lol...Anyway,if they ban a player for sharing with his brother then this game should not be played anymore.And they should ban the entire server,coz all share accounts with friends/family,or atleast they did it atleast 1 time,we make friends on this
  8. if they start to ban all ppl who share accounts,u will play alone on this server :)))) Sharing its one thing,trading/selling its other..
  9. I dont know what happend to the game since last week,i have a very low quality text in game...its more pixelate than before...im using ios devide
  10. after a server reset yea,they will not log all same time and its not 2h its 1h,im talking about arena pot.
  11. if they give my pot back its fine,but not gonna happen i know it.Even if they stop the pot time,by the time u make the party again,the pot will be over...
  12. should give 1h warning damn man,are u kidding?what was so urgent that cant wait 1h for reap now??We pay for this things u know?? yea bro i just poted and 5 sec after this showed up omg
  13. what about my 150% pot that i just used exactly 5 sec before this restart??
  14. Nah,i dont have any editing experience what so ever.But ty 🤗i did my best
  15. this cave its in the middle of bouth 2 factions.There is no other place better than that one.From all the caves from the game,they decided to put a boss in ours!!
  16. why would u put a boss in our pvp cave??Are they serious??Why??We been trying for years to make that pvp bigger and now u put a boss on it??Are u for real?U screewing with us right?thats it?Why do u want ppl to stop playing this game i dont rly understand...Some ppl only play to pvp thats it and u take that away from us!Nice!Keep it going!
  17. idk why u guys made the x3 gp and books drops exactly when we cant update the game and play...by the time the update will come,the event will be over and cant get that books...is that fair?
  18. Can make the drop a lil more lower pls?I think someone actually got demo suit from 2 days of spam :))Thats not normal,no one should get it lol.Cant even get 10% of money back from seeker and repair.Great job,keep it up.And btw,u should annouce the amp system changed.150 sets from 8 to +9 and failed,lets get real now.
  19. They dont care man!They just buff elf side like always!Parry and block to block skills?That brain damage man!Thats very stupid!Thats a very huge buff!
  20. Why dont add skill block on dodge too?Coz we are mcs or why the fk??Why all the time when u make an update u keep buff tanks(bds),why????Why u make tanks hit more than a dmg dealer????Are u screwing with us or what?Is this some kind of joke?What u mean parry and block can block skills too now?Are u kidding me?Thats a huge buff for bds wtf???2 stuns,high dmg and now they can block skills too?OMG WHAT GAME IM PLAYING HERE???STOP DELETING MY POST!!!!
  21. Exactly!Well said!But what item worth 100k?U wrong... 1k to 20k maybe!
  22. Parry gives dmg too now?Oh great,more dmg for bds...are u serious??What about noob rogues??
  23. Yea someone maybe made a print screen and used photoshop to add his name there.If any of devs read this,i know Negativism since lvl 20 was max,he is a +10 player since then and i never see him on world chat spaming sites lol,thats bullshit.
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