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  1. You can add Nightturk - Ranger. I helped him kill hydra and next day he wanted to buy composite airblast +5 for 100k. He said he only had 95k and would give me 5k next day. Next day he said. I wont pay lol i have 300.000k bye bye noob. 5k aint much, he could easily have paid instead of scaming me. But now he both scammer and lier and untrusty elf instead. Was it worth it? Anyway a scammer is a scammer. No matter of the ammount its about principle.
  2. edit: I went to personal. I left / took a break because i got bored of game and new update was a dissapointment. But developers take amp system away and refund mc spent on it. You will still make money for server maintance and development as you did before amp system. And players will enjoy game more and increse in ammount. Take care all, maybe i be back one day. Ps. Wrong section for that info I know.
  3. Well i got a spadon of sudden doom +1 I happily trade it for bow or xbow if they enable it. EU Emerald.
  4. wolfsy


    I often go to first island or help gariel or sun and moon, sometimes lake and sea and griadur, and many with bg quests. So do some reaserch before you accuse people. And who want to help whiners like you. Everyday i get 50 invites without asking, gold beggers, mc beggers. Rude people who dont even say thanks. And rich people? Play the game a year and you'll be rich to. All this new crybabys make me sick. Beside i am 28 so who the f*ck are you to call me kid? 50year?
  5. Before amps and official arena when I was lvl 13 I kill mcs lvl 18 without pots at nadir. I and i used 4 large pots to solo dinalt. When couldn't get party to hunt. When trap came i didn't like it. When arena came i rarely lost. When amps came i spent 1.6 Million gold, and i had 4 longbow and others who sold and other weapons and used it all on amps. People who say I don't know how to use and scatter is usually people I kill in arena with trap and scatter. Sure I am +10 amp but I played long and I ain't rude to people. So I guess jealous people are just a bunch of pre judging people.
  6. Supermann is better than Hassan. Spanish (with his lvl 18 set) best shaman followed by Berengars. Madmax best Rogue followed by crossfitt. To bad factions can't trade i got [+1 Spadone of Sudden Doom]
  7. I would like to see a storage box in capitals and nadir. that you can enter with any char on your account no matter faction. Store stuff you want to keep. But ain't using, move stuff between your characters without having to ask you someone else to do it for you. Ability to create clan and have clan chat. Pvp duel request any opponent for a duel no matter faction. With countdown and no potions allowed. Most mmorpgs have these things already. Edit: What do you wish for upcoming update?
  8. [FB] Somarra Village, Noola. 19/06/12
  9. okey am trying again with a different browser hope it works. I have auto update turned of on Google Play :) edit : Now it worked when downloading with another browser. Thank you so much!
  10. Thanks allot Uxie :) edit: I was to fast with the thanks there, the file is broken I downloaded it twice.. it had no virus tho.. thanks for trying.
  11. I guess no one knows where to get warspear online v2.10.0 client apk for Android. :(
  12. You are wrong, those with 2.10.0, can still link items in trade just not write in same line.
  13. I have version 2.10.1 of warspear online but I am sick of not being able to link items I want to sell in trade. So is it anyone out there who have warspear online v2.10.0 client apk or a link to where to download it I would be grateful. (rather have those bugs than not being able to link at all)
  14. I have version 2.10.1 of warspear online but I am sick of not being able to link items I want to sell in trade. So is it anyone out there who have warspear online v2.10.0 client apk or a link to where to download it I would be grateful. (rather have those bugs than not being able to link at all)
  15. Still unfair because a barbarian in trap can still charge, a blade dancer can't do anything. And rogues just stealth and run like chickens till they win. But most annoyed to the not being able to choose old game keyboard. Then you could see what happened around you while chat transparent. Now if getting attacked you don't see the red warning flash or anything. PS I will continue to kill you, good rogues like Madmax can kill me easily.
  16. Why not make an option in settings to choose which keyboard to use.. I personally think the game keyboard was allot better than Android keyboard.. Wich also have many bugs. And why do rouge have 6 sec cooldown and ranger 8? I Barbarian charge even if trapped, and shamans blind hits faster than scatter. Game need balance, and elf overpowered is a bunch of lies. Only a strong ranger like me stand a chance.
  17. Buy low rune of defence. Pm me here or in game. Kindley regards Wolfsy - lvl 20 Ranger - Firstborn
  18. That's a shame since it are those who contribute to develop and maintain the servers for this game. But ofcourse it would be best if support was faster for everyone.
  19. Wolfsy - lvl 20 Ranger - EU Emerald , edit: I also sent an email directly to support. You will know which one is me.
  20. Works for me, add the rules in first post. Also best if people who watching stand as one in the middle against the wall to leave free space for the fighters. And fighters may not hide among them. Also better fight begin when both have turned around facing eachother on the opposite side than meeting at center. Like a old pistol duel. But then again that wouldn't be fair to bd I suppose..
  21. I like the idea of this, but we have to have rules. Players who not fight should have weapon unequipped, and the punching the one you want to challenge outside cave is a great idea. Should buffs be allowed before enter or after enter cave? Are people allowed to stand with weapon unequipped in cave or wait outside? We could also make it more fun like put gold betting, a trusty bookkeeper on each faction. It's hard to say a time here since many are in different time zones. Best would be if game had a like a rom gladiator arena round and not to big were you could ask for duel, and enter it, with a 10sec countdown when both players have entered the ring. No ratings just pure fun. And people could stand around it watching. Anyway we don't have that, so if someone want to write some rules for this pvp cave it would be great. 1. Players who not fighting should have weapon unequipped. 2. Punch the opponent you wish to fight and equip weapon as approval. 3. Self buffs are allowed before or after enter cave. 4. Fight start as soon both have entered cave. 5. No kind of potions or scrolls allowed. 6. People who want to watch should stand against the wall in cave with weapon unequipped. Just a suggestion, feel free to write a better rule list or add more. And if possible write the rules numbered in the first post.
  22. There are more days than today, we can write more about pvp cave battle in that thread...
  23. Show me one pic of me drinking pot 1 vs 1. But even better let's meet at pvp cave..Both goes in one comes out. edit: your talking about the kill mc quest the strongest kill 20 mc between lvl 14-20 all elfs do it and I sure never hide in battlefield. And am no zoner like you. I fight till I die no matter the odds.
  24. Funny you say that since you always attack me when I am low health, or when others attack me or when you drink pots yourself, or run away to zone to save your own ass. Take a look in the mirror before you open your big mouth or meet me in pvp cave and show what you got.
  25. [FB] Raynos, Misty Shelter. 2012/04/27
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