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  1. Don't be so mean to Jayrox, yes he went way over the limit, but we made. Peace with each other eachother (when everything gotten dedtroyed)before I took a break so I don't see any point in bullying him anymore. However if you ever get bored Jay you always got that f babacool who ruined me on over 6 million. Anyway take care! Howl
  2. Dear Kakaroto Our system is showing that you have not yet confirmed your details. This surprised us because you are selected in the travel competition. Win a trip to 3 of the best destinations in Europe - Berlin, Paris and Barcelona. All you have to do is confirm your entry once for all 3 prizes. Here are some of the people who have also been selected: - Heather Keating - Kakaroto Goku (you have not yet confirmed that you wish to participate) - Kevin Grown - Matthew Pin We ask you to confirm your information as soon as possible, as this could be the last reminder we send you.
  3. He got it back now, but with 14 days block. everyone know Khalils and Khaleds brothers are among the nicest most trusty players on EU Emerald elf side. Like he would want to trade sell or exchange char. Ridiculous block. It should be removed or at least be decreased to 3 days. Now while he got vacation.
  4. Because you wrote beholder to. Can you please correct the stats of the cloak. I been carrying it in my bag for years and it would be fun to use it more often.
  5. Cloak of the conquer was the first lvl 18 item, and was dropped by underground horror..
  6. Hassn don't read forum... Lol don't you know that. I do :P
  7. Congratulations Garoof! From me and all your brothers in Legends! You worked hard and deserved it well! It's an honor to have you by my side in Legends! *Cheers!* (Congratulations to my friend Idassile as well! You made it well done! *Cheers!*)
  8. Lol coming from you makes it irony. Xjaybo I wish you wouldn't leave hou, but if that is what you want I wish you all the best. /your Wolf Bro 4ever Howl!
  9. Thanks for noticing, that was my intention with going here sharing experience and suggestions. Till a little egoist didn't like that I care for all and not just the rich and strongest. Anyway I am not a little Girl so I apologise that I got pissed off and caused an interruption.
  10. Sorry my bad, not that I care what section she works in.
  11. No I ain't Gay. But I got a best friend who works for Google that is. He found out he has HIV 13 days ago. He also a Web designer, Programmer and Game Developer. Shall I call and ask him come and say what he think? But personally, I think you are noob forum moderator. Who call people fagets on work time where you suppose to be a moderator.
  12. Says a "Forum Moderator that use people's sexualitey as a curse."
  13. Don't come and say I want it easy free fast way, I came with many good Suggestions and how old are you? I am 30 and we'll aware of how game business work. You got 15 year of experience of it? I said I still have my old cc set and liked to work and looked forward by finish it back then. What bad about giving all players same chance now? Egoist is a fine name for you, Gay people hater.
  14. I don't compare it to Warspear was made of blizzard one of the world's biggest richest game company. But they do make the game adventure for all not just the richest. Runescape online EverQuest online Neocron online FInal fantasy Xi online Neocron 2 online EverQuest 2 online World of Warcraft Online Eve online Lord of the rings Online Silkroad online Guild Wars Age of Conan Cabal Online Arch Lord online + many more of course, game programing on your system based is harder. I didn't say you, have to be like them. I said they have many solutions you could adapt. And don't come and tell me Aigrind a company's last 6 years profit have gone up allot. And that adding like duel system countdown, certain space of area to move within, not be able to be healed from others. Use mc pots and such. 5 sec countdown and no reward, no one die. Last 60 seconds. Just a thing like that which I am sure you can do. Would mean allot to many players. . Or add option to disable trade request, Disable duel request, disable party request. For players that don't want. 2500mc free a month would mean allot to for all those who can't Afford to buy miracle coins. But very little to those who can. I am just saying think of all not just the grown ups with income, and don't destroy a good think like this new set by adding it to an none working unfair tournament system. All players deserve a chance, those who in lvl 2 guilds just to have fun with friends for example. And increase dungeons time limit Easy by 5 min. (or player suggested) Normal 5 min. Hard by 5 min. Heroic by 10 min. Bad enough for players who can't buy miracle coins, if they dc/die/ than for them to almost make it and loose another. People will buy Seekers Elixirs anyway. Am just trying to help, just those things would make a difference. Am telling you how to improve game and not loose money. More likely more money. Since more would play and ask there friends to. You misunderstood me. I like this game becsuse it's simple and don't need a pc.
  15. Hi, I have played 19 mmorpgs and I can tell you right away you have to change the way you think if this one gonna have a future 1. what is a MMORPG? A: Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game An online adventure where you can play quest and do dungeons arena have an fun online experience with friends and meet new friends from other the whole world. It should be aimed for all players. If you gonna focus on making cc gear about tournament then. Your just focusing on like 5 guilds at max but more like one. It's basically selling advantage over other players since you added amp, I still carry my old cc set. It was fun becsuse any player could work on getting it. You have to think of what the players want, listen to them. Many 12-17 years have no possibility to even buy mc. So begin give out 2500mc free a month at least if you gonna keep your miracle coins system. So they can buy things they want to and amp. You won't loose much money at all on this. Because addicted that people with or without work who can. Will still buy much more mc. What is it in this game for them? if you gonna think like this. Look at solutions from other mmorpgs. Increase the adventure and game experience, and you will get your money that way. But make it fun for all. I can give you many solutions and ideas, how to make this game live on and grow and more fun. The tournament system is to unbalanced and unfair to add something fun like new cc gear. For tournament when it gone a week. Lock the guilds for the top 5 in it till tournament over. So people can't sell spots or guilds don't kick inv members constantly for disadvantage. (and to protect guild experiance) guilds just get separated for whoever can make highest gp. If a member get sick or can't play. Well that's war you loose soldiers. A guild who win tournament 1 2 3 price. Make the players who was in it and not only the guild. Unable to attend to next. Or you get so called greedy selfish players that jumps from guild to guild just for a free ride. And guilds loose it's purpose. Increase reward for example relic of the village again. Make anyone be able to work there way to get same armor. Making it feel more valuable and happy over it. When you finally gotten it. Giving strong guilds or rich players possibility to get it much faster, and give them a even bigger advantage over the majority of your players. Than amp already does. Is last thing game need. You really have to renew think this. And try make arena system more accurate to meet opponents closer to there amp lvl. One thing many players do wrong. Is stop arena when there high amp guilds in it. Becsuse makes gives you lower chance to meet opponents of your amp lvl. And easier for higher amps to win easy. Arena should be a challenge, I want to meet players more equal to my amp rather than get matched up those who won't have a chance. There is so many things you can do to improve game and more fun, more players. But for that you must stop making it more send more about just money. And more about a fun online game experience for all players. You will not loose money by making it less miracle coin dependent. If people want to continue play or more starts. Because it's a fun game. But you will loose everything if you gonna make the game after the richest players, and strongest guilds. Because that's so few of your players. Change the way to think, or loose players = loose money. Sorry if this was messy or not so well written I just woke up. Just think of the adventure and game experience for all players, and listen to improvements fair for all. And this game have a long future.
  16. Well since you got 2 accounts and 12 chars don't go around and lie telling people a Legends member hacked your lvl 20 Bd Jayrox account. And your screenshoots means nothing. You just show one part never the whole story. I have never scammed anyone in warspear ever. I am no racist, "drugs" you say? These are prescribed and ordinated medicines by my doctor. on the screenshoots, when I shout at you. You had already been insulting me for hours. You talk crap to me and then when I respond with anger you post my reaponses. How about you post the whole converstation? You do know the viewers of this topic see you post half of the story and know you have something to hide. If your so innocent then post what you say too. Where it say "I had to steal from my guild" I didn't even write that to you. I wrote to a woman you said you knew in real life, to see if she had any guilt. (a woman I suspected you pretended to be to scam me.) And then Khalils came online and I borrowed from him and put back in guild. So we're is this stealing? Just my efforts to expose your scamming and lies. I think you are a pathetic little 21 year old, who is so obbsessed of me because I saw through you. I saw the way you pretended to be a different character and pretended to be a woman to scam people. And you can't handle the fact that I saw through you and kicked you from Legends. Where people like you don't belong anyway. You can keep posting your ridiculous so called screenshoots. I don't care. It's just a few words of the conversation. Not the whole picture. So burn in he'll. Let's see if you have man balls to post the whole conversation. Show us you dont have anything to hide, or continue being a coward. Its your choice.
  17. Me sick? Excuse me but you are the one who been keep shouting bad stuff about me in trade and world and lie to everyone, the whole year while I have had ignored all you characters you pm on. And accusing me of hacking your bd account. Thats a weak and lame lie. Write to support if u lost it. And now you change and say it was not me but a Legends member who's done it. We are scammer free trusty as always, and I have transferred 100s millions of gold and items. Grow up leave me and my guild alone. Am not the sick person here. Uploading none game pictures on Facebook would be player personal privacy harrasment. Making false accusations on someone based on personal grudge and prejudice is a cowardly act and totally unacceptable. I hope something would be done about this.
  18. Paint yourself a picture Of what you wish you looked like Maybe then they just might Feel an ounce of your pain Come into focus Step out of the shadows It's a losing battle There's no need to be ashamed 'Cause they don't even know you All they see is scars They don't see the angel Living in your heart Let them find the real you Buried deep within Let them know with all you've got That you are not your skin And when they start to judge you Show them your true colors And do unto others As you'd have done to you Just rise above this Kill them with your kindness Ignorance is blindness They're the ones that stand to lose 'Cause they don't even know you All they see is scars They don't see the angel Living in your heart Let them find the real you Buried deep within Let them know with all you've got That you are not your skin.
  19. Ofc I know Slay is old maybe I lost control of years. But can't be just 2. Impossible first time I played game had ranks. That's how old ws player I am. You always been a nice guy... Anyway you can probably tell when ranks were removed. I am pretty sure both you and slay played then.
  20. Lol what would your life be without me and screenshoots I was mad as f*ck ♥♥♥♥ so what? You always just show a little part of the chat. Dedicated a Facebook page for me with many screenshoots and crap talk and such you could do to make me look bad. I am not the only one who is sick here.
  21. Jayrox you the are biggest lier on warspear, you are obsessed and use like 20 different names and more accounts than its allowed. It was surely not a Legends member and I forbidden all to accept any item from Jayrox. Ask Magesaver. My personal life is none of your concern. I had black and asian / I have many different country in my guild. I don't steal or scam all have to contribute to guild. I usually give most. I took a 10k euro credit loan for my guild when they wanted tournament. All so called drugs you mention is prescribed ordination by doctor. I have to eat 16 pills a day, for the rest of my life. I already know you enjoy to see people suffer. Want to thank me how about stop stalking me?
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