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    Lo dices tu, que no hace mas que insultarme y supuestamente joderme la vida en lo poco que entro al juego? xDDDD a ver si no vas a ser tu quien necesite ayuda con tus amigos travelos que no tienen ni identidad sexual hahahapanda de subnormales
  2. poor kid cry me a river :lol:
  3. Yesterday i demanded arena random and we killed this rich dick sucker kids, the ones that all the time in trade chat showing their +10 sudden doom scepters proclaiming that they are the best shaman at EU now. My arena staff +6, i dont have any item lvl 18 (not even amulet :facepalm: ), im lvl 19 so i have -2 skill point than lvl 20 shamans. Deathxdafi arena staff +6 too, but he has other lvl 18 gears ( anyway low amped) Malek has full lvl 18 set fury and healer, also full BG ones, and lvl 18 scepter +10, same about lordxx but his lvl 18 scepter not +10 yet. How people think now this kids are best shaman at EU when i killed them twice and they not even us once, going random arena with low amps.. and all they do outside arena is use ball hoping a 1300 crit! kill anyone, and not even heal cast just pot :facepalm: This make pissed old players like me. :bad:
  4. I kill you many times 1 vs 1, remember? :bad:
  5. He is a good friend and troller killer elfs ;D If dont meet spanish and my friends i was playing on elf or quited :friends:
  6. Ferchu hablando de inmadurez y provocar :facepalm: :facepalm: desde luego no sabes q' suelo stas pisando cuando tus mismos conocidos te califican de la misma forma :clapping: y enterate bien la verdadera basura no solo para nosotros si no para los mountain class son players como tu q' no teneis el minimo respeto porq' si t recuerdo q' fuist tu mismo quien se hizo odiar por todos y no lo digo con animos de enmarcar a ste clan ya q' no todos se merecen el calificativo q' tu mismo t has puesto Saludos
  7. Rezeef

    [ABC] Clanbook

    :shok: I can join ? im back ;)
  8. xD!!! igual vale x 3 el jodido
  9. I don't see nothing wrong lol - glenn only want ban to crossfit hahahaahaha GJ nc try :facepalm:
  10. Rezeef

    mata pt

    e.e :facepalm:
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