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  1. Sounds like a skill issue. Time for you to go learn mafs.
  2. Don't give them any ideas, it should be free to begin with rather than having a massive kl tax, maybe just have a cooldown of like 10 minutes or something so you can't abuse them.
  3. Yes but piercing for skills doesn't really make much sense and piercing is basically just pene with extra steps. Magic/Physical defense needs to be balanced instead of giving another stat. More physical defense to tone down the damage and reduce magic defense across the board on accessories to make magic dmg actually relevant besides warlocks with their mana scaling.
  4. You do know that piercing also works for magic right? But it would be nice if magic skill damage would be available a bit more commonly besides just with merman set and some mage talents.
  5. Imagine being a rogue and not knowing how dodge works. Blows my mind. Invis also got buffed in the rebalance but i suppose some people were too blind to not notice. Invisibility detection Adjusted the mechanics of detecting invisibility: now, invisibility is deactivated when the target receives a control effect or damage (previously, it was deactivated upon receiving any negative effect or damage). Skills like barb roar and wd aoe agro wont reveal anymore so its just a straight buff in some respects. Unfortunately warlock circle should reveal now though, unlucky.
  6. You just pop a reflect pop and seeker lifesteal will do nothing. Clearly you haven't actually given it a real try. At most you will reach 50 something % lifesteal without losing out on more important buffs. (Low hp vamp + sometimes relic from shield) So generally speaking seeker would be 40% or less ls which with the talent on is halved so you end up with < 20% ls. And reflect pot is 20% if i remember right 15 at minimum. So you end up either completely negating lifesteal or close to it. If you cant kill a "rogue" with worse cc no dodge and lifesteal idk what to tell you.
  7. No I mean Rotting Garden and Termitary dungeons. Satrap and Pontifices are a thing of their own and should be doable depending on which boss you decide to go to. They vary greatly in difficulty, for low levels anyway. A strong healing minion and set or two of potions should do the trick.
  8. The first 2 dungeons of Ayvondil are also mandatory to progress the questline. At which point would you stop making them solo friendly?
  9. Barbs got everything bd's have besides cooldown, What barbs lack in damage they got it back in being much more tanky with block and stone skin. In some cases barbs even got comparable dmg than bds so I see this as a complete non issue.
  10. Raislin

    NERF MAGE!!!

    Barrier has been nerfed on several occasions, not to mention other changes mage has received, I really haven't kept track since I've not been maining the class but there has been several nerfs and some of them quite recently. Mage only has area damage it's single target damage is lacking behind even some healers these days Both barbarian and Chieftain have superior form of Mages skill and chieftains can truly make it infinite unlike mages. As I said its been nerfed on several occasions not to mention that the barrier generally speaking only absorbs 1 hit which in small scale pvp is easy to do without wasting several skills on it. In larger scale pvp it does absorb more than that but several Legion classes have better damage mitigation skills than it overall so I don't see the problem?
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