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  1. I'm in ayvondil second map.(after pyramids)

    I'm Stuck on the quest Unholy Ritual.

    It calls for 3 "rune of full moon" I assume I need kill 3 mini-boss's


    I can't find these guys for the runes anywhere. Can somebody help me locating these plz. 

  2. AoE damage skill that gets stronger everytime the minion gets hit. It sounds good, but let's think about it:

    The MM rarely will aggro a group of enemies big enough to use this skill. 

    The only situations where that would happen would be in dungeons or the Labyrinth, but you'll always have a tank in these situations, so the minion won't get hit, therefore you wouldn't get the side effect of the skill.

    It's still AoE damage, so...


    Suggestion: Activating the skill would taunt enemies around the MM to attack him.


    this is one of the strongest area damage skills in the game, it has a lot of damage even on 1 single target. it will be a must to keep at 4/4 in any magical and even hybrid construction. about your suggestion simply no our pet is not tanko he aggregating mobs when using this skill would mean signing a death sentence on any endgame content


    Sorry for so many questions, but is this referring to "Aura Of The Forest" ? 

  3. I see nothing about skill builds after December 2021 changes...

     Anyone care to share some build ideas, and skill reviews in their current state, what's good/bad. Any help would be appreciated.

      Frustrating seeing so little info since update was over 9 months ago. I don't trust 1- 2 year old posts being accurate after such a large rework update followed by silence

     TY, my level 25 mage could use some guidance after 2 years away from the game


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