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  1. d function of chop is not only givin dam it even stops ranged units frm kitin/r movin too far frm u
  2. lol y u comparin a tank wid a dps
  3. yes multiple player can get drops at d same time
  4. i lost my 1/2cc gear on lvl2 dey old enchants but it was wen amp sys came now dont care abt it coz i dnt amp much now
  5. @hitmen +4 is good maybe u cant kill an ++7guy with it but datz d only disadvantage even ur sys dat disadvantage exists but it costs more dan before
  6. wat abt ppl who not intrested in buyin mcoins?it getz a lot xpensive 10x3k=30k(for signs)+addisional gold for +4 ampy while in current system he can to +4 usin max 500g
  7. dnt care abt d who cal u noob n abuse u just ignore dem n enjoy d game
  8. lol koi nahi kareda oska cost utna nahi max 50k
  9. u neednt buy mcoins if ur just playin for fun
  10. can u guyz giv us an option to trade items between charecters of same account as itz a bit difficult to trade items using d help of other ppl as u cant say wen one might backstab us take d item
  11. but u must show sum proof he's a scammer if not anyone can say widout proof sum x guy is a scammer
  12. astral is for healin Moon is used by druid/shaman Sun is used by most druid type mobs,dark is used by labby bosses n mobs(as for now)
  13. dont trust anyone in game unless u knoe dem personnally
  14. congratz raxit u made us proud :)xD
  15. accuracy of mob is high so u wont dodge much mine is 20% n i dodge very less on mob
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