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  1. hav u tried goin in house of bone courtyard dere a guy called kebola(r watever name he had) gives u quest
  2. warlock is very good wen ur wid a shaman r necro u own opponents
  3. i tink 5 dark arrow 5 life exhaust 4 fear 2 plash of darkness is good no point in lvl up dark cirle coz we are goin to center of place were skill is casted
  4. fix forsaken quest reward items
  5. yep indians unable to get mcoin even tho balance is reductin
  6. guyz wat is d file size in ovi store still old pics so donno whether dwnloadin d correct version
  7. dk ley wo pala sey 100bar acha hai
  8. so wat item u drop sergi :P
  9. mai hyd sey ho tum log konse city sey ho?
  10. hi bhaiyo r behano :)
  11. guyz dnt team up wid dat ♥♥♥♥♥ for farmin lab later u might regret very much stupid ♥♥♥♥♥ killed my pt at lab(scorp) for no reason dnt take her for farmin
  12. yep i guess cash was d prob hav just 27 coin dere
  13. iam unable to amp my lvl 9 bow (durable bow)
  14. if u click skill n move at d same movement most of d time skill resets keep d cursor at further dist n while moving use d skill it works donno for ur skill but my parry skill goes well wen i do dat
  15. even if change stun fails u go n touch dat range guy but in most cases bd half hp is over by d time we touch/hit dem
  16. for me just passs not savin but d game not crashin on my s60
  17. explain plz y change stat of helm n bd who opted bg guard set will be at loss coz we lose parry n block doesnt work plus again most ppl wont like changin coz we hav old enchants n amped it a bit high
  18. @bloodylip even we hav 6 skills 1ispassive just like new chars
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