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  1. can help kill innas marak n solar lunar plz
  2. stats = atributes watever u call it dey are damage,crit,accuracy n pene both wepons hav same stat until lvl 13 above dem stats change
  3. lvl 9 2h sword n axe n lvl 13 sword n axe hav same stats lol but i like sword looks
  4. thaitanium n blazee were d most helpful guyz in elf side
  5. Justikyzer

    Indian community

    happy diwali frnds :)xD
  6. bees on lvl 3 duration same as lvl only dot increases m crit decreases i feel root is only better
  7. koi baat nahi janeman mai game download kardiya :)
  8. ty snubear n amit finally downloaded d game
  9. zip file never works for me hope get d crrect file on ovi store faster
  10. on forum it shows download v3.1.1 instead of 3.2 n sisx file wich i downloaded frm d link here shows certificate expired n d file in ovi store is unable to install -_- clearly not my day O.o
  11. any nokia s60v5 user able to download d game if yes can u plz giv d link to download ty
  12. saving mana is d bst tin to do while fitin shaman wait till he spams all his skills while we do lightin+heal n some occational roots n give d finishin touch wen he has min mana
  13. i use nokia n me not gettin download link just commin connectin but ntin happenin here -_-
  14. be on wen more elfs r on u wont be killed den
  15. Justikyzer


    miss dose farmin days wid my best buddies (sai n amit)
  16. i dont knoe wether it depends on lvl or not
  17. red mobs (bosses) hav best chance to drop sphere next is yellow den green hit red again by mistake hehe
  18. Justikyzer

    Hydra Solution

    na 1pt + mobs still not enuff couldnt kill it
  19. Justikyzer

    Indian community

    phukat ka mcoins kaise milre ???????
  20. Justikyzer

    Indian community

    @uk 5233 mai kuch be free games ache nahi sare trial r demo version games hai aur dusre sare baigan hai nokia store pura baigan store hai :(
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