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  1. well as a fellow bd i can understand ur pain gettin whooped by shamans n warlocks dont unbind ur stuff man just take a break n do other stuff wich u wanted to in life n wen free come n try to kill mc again in nadir somtimes u can hav a good day in killin mc n might enjoy again killen dem wid bd
  2. rouges wen teamed with barbs U guyz r invisible so plz wait a bit until d barb charges some guy r acts as a decoy n neutralizes the trap just dont rush to use gouge n make it 2v1 u end up with 2v2 n make both get killed on most cases happend a lot wid me :!
  3. wew tere shaman ko mey abhi tak touch bi nahi kara ws kelke 10days hora hey aur kelne ke liye aur 20-25 din lagenge n iam very happy vaccationing :P
  4. never seen many rouge who miss gouge dey most gouge-meelee-sleath-meelee-merci
  5. nadon merko dey yaar i take care of it :[ jab terko chahiye return kardunga :[
  6. watz d big deal in it ,itz just a blind givin a pose :P
  7. if u a healer i can help u kill it
  8. 3.4k highest hp for bd
  9. dont up parry skill it just waste of skill points better to up sap/hamstring
  10. iam playin wid d train set dere :P
  11. @amugami delete warspear first den download d sisx file frm official site it works properly
  12. i dnt play here much but omni,xario,sunnysmamrt r my very good frnds here
  13. @tsja u get 22 magic for lvl 9 wepon
  14. my best frnds r lordamit,shubs,elmond,excaliburr n saipj
  15. good one mate hope u become more strong n destroy dark forces
  16. lol stop sayin elfs r d bad guyz n mc kind ppl most mc start hittin us wen dey more in number n camp near shackels sure even elfs do it but we never said we will not touch u mc ppl at kotrova so stop complainin
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