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  1. dogs licks u while werewolves eat u :P datz y i want doggy costume :[
  2. y kuzzmitch stopped doin announcements?(just a doubt)
  3. chill dude karma means noting
  4. yea n pala needs some hp boost it has least hp of all tankers
  5. u can get all items(lvl 12+) available in game from doin swamp quests
  6. Blade Dancers i just love those guyz
  7. htc wildfire best for seein dem :P
  8. humko ladkiya pasand hai unke bina nahi jeesakthi eslkye ladki char banathe :P
  9. n from wen did druid bees start to stun zzzzzzzzzzzz it just does damage n dat to only on one person
  10. ow okie game size kitna hai?
  11. waste of time arguin wid an idiot zzzzzzz
  12. u need to complete shadows quest n also be 18lvl to get lab quests
  13. ow cool i used to love emotes of dat game n also holiday season it used to be good
  14. konsa game hai ae ^^^^^
  15. yea i knoe dat it took many days always was struck on 4kills so just tot of sharin it,itz not everyday dat u get 5 kills
  16. mast hey 1post ko edit karke isss pic ko laga paka prize jitega xD
  17. wawa kya chutia pan he ye
  18. ow datz d worst tin can happen wen ampin sad for u mate
  19. august 2011 my account creation day(month :P)
  20. well bees dosnt reduce crit anymore n quake is aoe hits multiple target n can crit also so can giv more damage dan bees wen hits multiple targets surelly it wont dodge all targets zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  21. well having half set will giv u hp bonus wich is more dan enuff n completing light set is waste coz second bonus is hp regen wich i dont tink is very much necessary for druid (my opinion)
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