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  1. bingo gradex d best tin to do now is take a break n hope tins get better if it doesnt ur alredy used to stop playin warshop
  2. cmon older players can still farm i minted 500k in 2.5-2.6 itz not so big deal n i can still mint more wid Bd but consider abt new player duck my druid cant roam in bgcave widout diein n cant enter gwidos home coz my heal not suffient to counter those stupid apes
  3. anyway u guyz fite a lot instead of suggestin much but suggest good tins others just critize it
  4. dont worry dude it gonna worsen more n more as long as dere r ppl wid no life who spend lots of cash on dis game just sit back n hav a cup of coffee
  5. Bd is neither weak nor overpowered u can kill all expect shaman n range u need a bit of luck to kill dem datz all wid slays suggesion bd will becum invi so i dnt agrree wid him expect on hamstring tin
  6. hitman is rite n lvl requirement wont solve ur prob u wanna get rid of him jus tink coolly u will get a solution its just so simple u want i tell it a bit risky but does d job ;)
  7. i thot dis was fav team n not best team n my fav is Arsenal born gunner xD
  8. u rite duckin adds hit me 173 lol dat to dey near entrance ones only
  9. how much ever we cry dey wont care dis game runs due to russian support(money) if not would hav been closed long ago for dere greed of money
  10. if u peepz still tink of puttin money in dis game forget d cash coz ur monthly expence gonna raise wid each duckin update
  11. idiotic n duckin update of all time how do u expect low lvl peepz wid no amply to kill adds leave bosses u guyz must gone mad money isnt everytin me gonna show my middle finger to dis game
  12. if u ranger n still cant kill r consider ur self weak go play another game
  13. Justikyzer

    skill setup!

    5lighting 4entangele 4 heal if ur moon druid if not keep heal 5 n lighting 4
  14. uncle hassn the best :drinks:
  15. Justikyzer


    i dc after every 50 mins n it takes 10mins to cum bck :(
  16. maybe later now me takin a break for game
  17. nice clan :clapping: :drinks: cheers :drinks:
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