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  1. Doug said all. We need equality for all players. All ppl who have money to get miracles have the GREAT chance to get some itens who is near impossible to others to get. Why? They sell miracle itens and buy the new ones with gold or miracle itens. What I think? I spend a large amount of dollars in this game but my friends doesn't have same money as me. And all them have just regular weapons and equips like arena 17 lvl. To make more balanced is a good idea make more accessible itens and craft itens to make a difference in game. We maintain aigrind with our money. One tip: make this easier because if u don't do it, a large amount of players will stop play. And aigrind don't want it right? So make a game more fair to all players and don't just for rich players. I hope this can change and I think is a good tip to benefits of all. Aigrind please make a lil changes on game and all players will be glad. But make changes to benefits all. Thanks!!!
  2. Buy sd rondel x2 or night prince rondel x2. Pm me in game nerieru. Make ur offer and we can deal if is a normal price. Not overpriced itens thanks :) +0 to +8 and make ur price... EU - EMERALD MC SIDE
  3. ps. im using scroll dodge and potion critical. normal, i use all time haha...
  4. if u are like me and like dodge and dagger. best is critical bcuz the crit go frequently. my stats
  5. is a good idea but... i think airgrind need put some items to reward. nothing like norland runes and crystals. the chance in norland to get a good item is near 0. isnt lucky, but near 0 chances to get a good item. ive finished captives 100 times and dont get a good reward. all time is runes or potions or crystals... maybe need put good prizes to CHOOSE(put 3 types of prize and let we choose, and not suprise choose like norlant), and not lucky. one mage dont need a two handed crystal, same a rogue dont need too. put prizes classified by the class. is a good idea to put in new update. i hope this will help a good amount of ppl. another thing is up the sell price of items in regular shop. not only drop of monsters but isnt good to sell one armor or weapon for 500 gold in shop. thanks for the game.
  6. It will be a good idea. Why not make a new staff/weapon to healer characters, with the primary attribute in case, astral magic. so many people like to be a shaman or necro/druid or paladin who want heal some more to be more useful, and dont want focus on character who give much damage. In all other games they are called supports :) maybe warspear get this direction, since i dont like to play with my shaman to but most to heal :)
  7. Anyone seems like me? Maybe Necro have ressurrect??? xD~~ I'll be glad in know this, and more glad if is true :D I think necro will be more OP than warlock (BD is nothing against Warlock hahha)
  8. I want to see the necromancer ;) but mage is a lil OP, 3 AOE? 2 "stun" (warp and rock?) is a good way to escape haha :tease:
  9. Yeah, maybe a good class, but u don't just put some classes and magics, u need balance all the other things... When all is balanced, all go back and play again warspear (and fix the signs please... 120 signs to put one weapon +6? omg bros, stop so much greed, and when this greed over, all players continue to play again ;) thanks for update but remember, fix all things in game, after this implement more classes/magics/itens/etc...
  10. hey ciamiau, he mock with u haha, but ty both, good job all doing in this post ;) thanks for both sides, MC and FB. Service of public utility haha ^^
  11. without sign u lose it, with sign just fail... greed game, old times don't come back =(
  12. I agree with u volien, not want more mcoins itens, but please, make some about OP of ranger and please, i beg u, make more playable game, put back the normal Less of itens (now i less more and more itens without sign, just put it to broke, not less it u.u")
  13. bug in life when reach the half (life and mana), so please, put back the original dmg of monsters, the original price of mcoins itens, all this update, i dont see so much thing i agree (that thing of arrow indicating the quest is a good idea, but up the monsters dmg? is difficult the game, and put more difficult? all players will left the game bros... NO, i don't agree with a easy game, but before update, is hard to get lvl, now is near impossible to ppl who don't get money to get mcoins) please fix this, or a huge amount of players will left the game (i say this bcuz i see, have so less ppl in game than before update) I hope the game come back to original state (before update u.u") Thanks for all, and i'll be back to game when all this be fixed ;) thanks ppl... By TrimaX
  14. bandit ridge - vistain ;) 04/02/2012 just location wrong but thanks anyway ;D
  15. i've dismiss the quest, to see if is bugged, but when i get again, i can't made in caravans =/ i think my char is buggerd in this quest =(
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