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  1. I'll stick to original Smileys. Spending mccoins on those is a joke. But its the thought that counts I guess. :\ lolol.
  2. What is a few other games good mmo cross platform.
  3. Can't figure out why it won't let me post pic but look at profile pic that be me lolol
  4. @slay will do my friend. :) missed you guys. :(
  5. :-) long time no see. Well uhh talk. Hi guys.
  6. Btw not takin sides. Im on no ones side but my own. I love everybody. But really ur keeping it goin. just leave everyone on the shit list alone and continue in your big happy family ;D family first remember.
  7. Man oh man. What has this game world come to. Lol. :unknw: sucks no one can have decent conversation. Dont blame king and queen For wats going on anyone talkin about them, talking crap to em, and so on and so forth ur at fault. Its called instigating. Just give it up play the game. lets be mature gamers. its a war game so why not do the talkin with your weapons instead of making war in forum. i mean everything is all ass backwards. talkin shit only gets u so far. After while you make an ass outta ur self and them. another point in these case arent u supposed make ur self look better not just as low. its bad when,u,have,ur friends wantin to quit bc u cant shut up. Silence is a killer. Ignore em. Youll be amazed at wat will happen.
  8. Lol. Should be lookin for 3rd generation soon?
  9. Sorry to all if you think im causing drama to u guys. Just thought id drop in and apologize if i was doing so.
  10. Hmm need to change subject...... Soo...... hi how yall doin? Wait dont answer that. Ugh... Jessica loves you guys. Give or take a few. :unknw:
  11. Better yet screw this clan dont get me wrong i love alot of u guys in it but the clan it sekf nope ill do with out. Ill make my own clan call dgaf lol. Bc i wont gaf wat u do if you feel like stompin amud hole in mc or elf ass go for it who cares its a challenge when,your hated isnt that tge point of a game is a challenge?
  12. how pathetic can this get come people grow the hell up where did ur sense go this worse than highschooll. Its a damn game have fun and play. Who cares about which mc u atk how when or where thats a part of the game get over no matter how much you whine about it. It will still happen ur making something outta nothin. And to be honest acting like my ten year old brother seriously now. >:D
  13. Thanks. :) and i agree might as well make 3rd generation ahead of time. Cause the bullsh*t is already startin on that topic. Hate to say it but those ppl ruined the clan and it wont go back to normal they came in made enemys inside and outside the clan turned many against each other theres no goin back they screwed it up. Kinda like how humanity screwed up the world.
  14. Well i think that everyone needs to grow up and realize this isnt highschool its a game. Supposed to be fun not infested with drama. You ruin the fun for everyone with your cry for attention. I think some of us need to be a little bit more respectful to others and quit tryin to run people in the ground. This is friends of faith but those of you are switchin up. Its more like f$ck over friends. And those you need to either leave or someone get em out bc the trouble will never end. If anyone doesnt like wat i said then i guess you shouldnt have read my post.. Shouldnt hav to lose friends over a game seriously.
  15. can i join? :)) grouped with queenivy and reddkilla couple of times. :)
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