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  1. thx for the reply and info :good: many doubts are clearified with this response 8)
  2. ::) if not possible to receive in game how do people put them into chat
  3. My choice would be definetely choice #1.. many people quitted, many are not logging in till next update. Everyone sees this upcoming update (which was told Kuz that it is planned yet not announced to be launched at 1st week of december) as the most important issue for the future of Warspear... i see this update as it is the only update which can ressurrect the old time missed spirit of this game... i hope this poll would guide devs so that for the upcoming weeks they can consider the result of this topic. Btw all of the options above, we want them to happen but please comment the one which is most important to you.. Thx in advance..
  4. im calm dude u are the one who need to just relax.. why taking my words offensively ;) the part i dont agree is that why u think 2 druid will root the same guy???? its all about how good u and your partner is.. set the rule as u root first and your partner will root other.. its simple as it is.. if u cant organize it that way, sry then either u or your druid partner isn't just capable of it :mega_shok: and u speak like u are the only one with brain and all your opponents are like idiots.. :facepalm: they will sure search to see who their opponent is paired with.. btw dont let them see u!!!!!! lol thats totally non sense.. ur partner - doesnt matter how much hp or def he has - wont be able to hold on 2 opponent attacks by himself more than just 3 - 4 sec.. how much time after do you decide to join the battle? after he's dead? lol.. they will immobilize or incapacitate your partner and own him while you were hiding somewhere in arena ( i dont know where u do that btw in such place) ur role is to support and u mention appearing afterwards and let your patner die there.. no good druid would ever do that its stupid.. i doubt how people lose to u if you really apply this little speech of yours.. :facepalm: no pro opponent no matter what class would loose to such a meaningless tactic..
  5. i totally agree with awwww... has no effect at all imo or if it really has some effect it is not observable..
  6. All against us in this update i believe.. worst new skill.. worst new arena gears.. (no need to buy all arena gears bcs the chest and hood of berengar which u buy from npc is far better than the arena ones..) Yet as in all games playing a druid requires some real skill.. all i wanna say is that a druid should understand its part in a fight. the main role of a druid is to help your ally and understand that your allies life depend on you and your skill - reflexes.. Our use of skill and importance is obvious that we are targeted first in fights. Our low hp and defence is making us all much more attractive ;D what i see at arena is that; Hardest to Kill in Arena: 2 rogues (it is obvious that they gouge you and your partner and then 2 merciless to druid and u have mostly nothing to do against it.. only chance is trap of your partner ranger..) Best Partner 2X2: definetely ranger... then druid... last bd... Best Team up 3X3: 2 ranger imo.. As for Tactic: first of all i would suggest u speak with your partner.. set rules of game before entering arena.. which class u wanna hit first.. who will do what ext. knowing what your partner will do when u engage in battle will make everything easier. and ofc concentrate on 1 target.. i suggest u concentrate on shamans/druids first.. as your opponent mostly will hit you first as well.. in arena, u will %100 win if support is dead.. secondly u should concentrate at rangers.. their scatter can cause u hell of a trouble with their blessing.. as for the melee classes; try to get rogue first then barb-bd.. roots is your most important tactical skill so get used to it.. understand who u should root and then attack other from above paragraph.. it is important to arrange your healing skill too.. should u use it for yourself or for your partner? well for my part i always try to heal partner at my last breath.. dont forget that could change the result of a fight.. also i suggest u dont go full moon balance your magic.. crit and dodge is important imo for a druid.. use runes and crystals according to your thoughts about your % attributes.. and dont forget.. mostly u will die before your partner. that doesnt mean u are weak.. that is bcs of the nature of druids as i mentioned before.. what we should do is that if we have to give our lives, we give em hell before we do :good:
  7. this is real nice thanks for the hard work :good:
  8. whats the point of taunting the boss while we are attacking the boss?? thats what he did.. you'd do the same if i interrupt your hunt... well this is my last post bout this, cant waste time with a keyboard fight.. i suggest u learn to look at things from both points of view..
  9. its called quest sulla you do the same at caravans ;) btw my elf horde!! wow i didnt know i had that lol.. thats 3 parties with quest thats all.. but all reasonable players leave others while hunting which is a fact.
  10. the problem is attacting like a noob while we hunt.. well thats what u are all about aint it :good: nm see you in arena soon.. i suggest you save for repairs ;)
  11. reasonable thing that had been done was while giving rogues (which is ok imo) the ability "stealth" traps should be invis too.. now rogues go rond a trap lol :lol: however the abuse of stealth is max. now.. Rogues come with stealth and attack while hunting!!!! Right now we are dealing with sulla and marcin for this :facepalm: never expected such newbie actions from them...
  12. Selam herkese, oyun içerisinde birbirimize destek olabiliriz. İyi bayramlar bu arada... Laurinda
  13. i meant someone authorized giving us info.. thats what people wait from devs and admins. Ofc we now u are always working on problems.. u misunderstood..
  14. thats all we players are asking for from the dev. or admins actually.. thx for reply kuz.. :good:
  15. well i think just the opposite :) yes many low lvl's around would be annoying but many sellers mean lower prices :good:
  16. well its always been like that in EU-Emerald. some of the names of those are Mcseller - Trademan - Runeseller...
  17. thanks to god arena tickets are tradeable.. i have bought some and give some tickets to my friends.. so it can be bought with gold if someone sells it ofc...
  18. yeah write in spanish so %90 wont understand... genius! :facepalm:
  19. i suspect an arena -> demand problem crush servers everyone wanna rush arena..
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