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  1. i use 6 sign from lvl to 3 for my sword and wasted 10 more sign still+3 :facepalm:
  2. Lol :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: i like ur way :lol:
  3. hahahaha welldone xeli. That pic make me laugh for hrs. :lol: :lol: :good:
  4. Huh another m.coin update. :facepalm: they just want money not game. Mobs hit hard scrol costly :shok: :facepalm:
  5. i have spend much time on game hamstring never fail against my rouge and shaman. Im victim of hamstring
  6. :shok: omg what is that. Why all my friens r blocked. Answer us support why :facepalm: i hate this game now. No transparency in this game. :bomb:
  7. Devs what u doing this. Unban snowy >:D he did nothing. Unban hin :bomb:
  8. Lets all of us pledge in this new year. We will do atleast 1 gud thing in a day. This will make our life better :)
  9. u silly only 40% mc are rouge. 20% are u silly elfs who just make acc. to chat with mc :facepalm: :wacko:
  10. Im laughing at u silly ppls wasting so much money :lol: :yahoo: be wise quit game like me. Haha u silly ppls
  11. i known 60%or more population of fb is ranger what it means? :tease:
  12. hahahaha this process is very entertaining. Mandy keep amplifying :rofl:now devs r laughing u lake this :yahoo:
  13. Nice kos keep amplifying one day u will suceed to lvl 10. It is already mentioned that sign of imperis. Will only ensure prevention to loss or damage. It didnt allows for 100%succes so dont complain. Just buy mc and keep try to amplify
  14. I has left the game and advice u also to leave this unbalanced and unfair game. If u wanna pay there r many better option.
  15. Thanks to all my indian friends i love u so much :give_rose: great work. Its a team affort
  16. taizi whiteness playyalp r mc player they also quit :'( missing all of u
  17. Before game was fun and entertaining. But now everytime i play it makes me cry :'( :facepalm:
  18. Thanks friends for all of your support. Before this i was feeling alone. Nothing more to say but :give_rose:
  19. Before leaving post i was using airtel and working fine but not airtel also not working. Im frustrated. This game no longer remain entertaining just money wasting. Now they charging for msg but not getting mc :facepalm: :'( kuch samj ne aa raha me kya karugi me. Pocket money bhi just finished :wacko:
  20. Its right 3.5 for mc and 3 for sms charge so 6.5
  21. New prices for mc in india just too much. Initially it was 120mc for 1.02usd that means 53inr =120 mc including sms cost now it is 10 mc for .07 usd. Means 6.5 inr =10 mc. While in other countries it is still same pls reconsider ur prices
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