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  1. Thank you,old friends. Hope i can hunt elf again but mine legs be heavy so much :) Need little training again. So i will go train in good fame island at first,or maybe i try clean the kamp gasphel :D


    Best place at norlant swamp bcoz alot naked elf n chosen running around  :lol:

  2. i just want to add i was on my noob priest trying to farm and they had 3 or 4 at kratt and they wouldnt invite me to farm cuz theyre greedy, so i said if you dont invite ill get pro party to come and take over, but ofcourse they want drop and not want another person to help kill because of greed, so i just got a party together and killed lol dumb noobs


    Bad answer  :facepalm: if u say ppl at kratt greedy why u steal at dinalt too  :facepalm:


    For what ? , show your strength ?


    Its usuall if ppl at farm spot dont want invite other farm ppl, bcoz they want invite


    Their friend or leave pt spot for helping questor, if they dnt help


    Questor u can say they greedy. U can steal kill for help questor then leave


    At least thats good player do.

  3. This happen today when I farm gold, some low lv player talk bout stealer

    Pathetic high lv player, n stealer pt come


    They are savageking,trashx,and acrid  :facepalm:


    omg what they do  :facepalm: they steal dinalt from low lv player  :facepalm:


    When other high lv and high amped player try to go to deepest part of laby,

    Other helping low lv player to do, chainless quest

    Or go pvp cave or go war


    But what they do  :facepalm:

    What they need from dinalt,

    Why not try take over gg, garshagg or lake, but steal dinalt from low

    Lv player  :facepalm:

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