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  1. Omg u n xeli old frnd.wow


    Xeli share acc wit u but u call her scamer n lesbo. Wow


    Fyi jen. Xeli phne me n she sad n crying coz u always chasing her for lov


    U angry on her coz She refused ur love.omg xeli normal not lesbo like u. She sad coz u always say please merry me whole days.she wont merry u lol coz she normal.


    I know why u angry on me. U jelous n u tnink me take xeli frm u lol. Lmfao im normal.


    Love make u crazy jen.xeli told me u make tatto on ur arm "i love u celina".



    Dnt worry jen im not take xeli frm u. she Step away frm u coz she afraid.xeli told me u will kill her frnd if xeli stil play warspear .so she decide leave game and let u play all xeli char aslong u not chasing her.



    Lov make u crazy jen. Good luck


    Ok all clear  :friends:

  2. Dark circle and quake, is indeed a good advantage for us mcs, but we're not casting the sills randomly all over the map without timing it, we usually cast it once anothers aoe skill is over, imagine if all the elves had mc/forsaken skills :shok:  that would be unbalanced, perhaps, in the nearest future when we mcs are growing up (balanced population) admins would start to give fair skills to us all..



    and hey, i was once an elf myself, a lvl 18 druid, played as elf for 2 years :search:


    Yeah i know your druid ger ger  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


    Optional yes, but also much more xp. On chosen island red crown boss quests give over twice as much xp than your average quest.



    ****For those of you leveling up chosen, i do visit first island on occasion and if you need help and i have enough time i will come assist you*****



    except for Lord of Orphan Lake quest, only people that have that quest can help you sorry  :dirol:



    My prest lv 19 but can help lord orphan lake quest


    I chose not done this quest only for helping  ;D

  4. I cant believe im going to the extend of starting a thread jst wanting to buy my last lvl 18 armor to complete my set  :mega_shok: All are welcome to use this thread if u wanna buy something u need. It can be any gears or accessories u need. U want it, we sell it if we have it


    I'll start it off. I need "HAUBERK OF HEROIC ENDURANCE". Willing to pay 200k on the spot  :good:


    Pm me if u have one and we can negotiate further. thanks and enjoy this amazing game  :drinks:


    200k  :shok:


    I hav one but im at elf side n equiped by my paly  ;D

  5. Druid and paly rest while ranger helping priest leveling at iselnort only


    Teleport screen made me sick fast so I not do swamp quest anymore


    Just growing priest slowly , became noob old player between new pro player


    But I can enjoying game without buy mcoins for sure  :drinks:

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