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  1. My paly try 2 day n not reach kotarawa  :shok:  :crazy: thats the most time needed for me


    To reach kotarawa


    Btw my friend know secret to reach kotarawa faster, when i still try to reach kotarawa


    My fiend reach it die n reach fast again,he reach it like almost 10x  when me not once reach.


    Im not joke, its true story  :shok:

  2. Dear Gin,

    Is So sad seeing the best players of all servers leaving.

    You have to be glad of your bd, #one bd In EU , and beat strong Mc players.

    But as Sulla said , all meele has the same problem with warlock n shaman.

    Your bd , my Dk , rogue , barb...etc.

    And Yes i think that warlock n shaman are OP , But Remember that In others servers as Saphire elves rules the game.

    Just think about Why.

    In any case good luck In your life , you always will be remembered as the great player that you are.see you In game , Xoxo


    Elves rules at saphire ???


    Thats only history now,


    Roguekilling everywhere, warlock shaman block bridge , many friends go to legion side


    Every server situation are same,


    For me still enjoy game, no buy mcoins, no expect anything from devs


    Enjoying every updates n play only for fun,


    For me fun at ws not means have strong hi amped gears n wep,


    i have fun with my own ways.


  3. Just 12k , my friend got scammed guiding glove by kingcool


    My friend want trade his guiding glove with whispher bracelets


    Then at trade kingcool give my friend polished bracelets n got scammed


    Because of similar image.

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