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  1. Cochonnou

    Type of weapon

    Hi, I post here to ask a question for warden players. What type of weapon is better for being polyvalent (quests, farm, pvp, arena, dungeons, etc..). I'm actually wearing a 2h axe, but i don't know if it's a good idea in view of the passives and expert skills which requires shield or "block" stat. So, the main question is : What is actually the best type of weapon for warden ? Thanks ( Sorry for the poor quality of my english).
  2. Great ideas, but in my opinion, you should change the developpement stats of "hope". The duration of the buff isn't important and nobody will upgrade the skill. I advise you a developpement like : - Level 1 - 25% of max hp and energy - Level 2 - 50% - Level 3 - 75% - Level 4 - 100%
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