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  1. The main topic here is that elf have easier bosses in lab, especially the third. True or not true??? Answer the question and stop the back and forth pointing of the finger.
  2. This is my drop. Thanks Medusa :yahoo:
  3. Trade only for Berengar gloves or boots or Well-tried spadon
  4. I'm not a nightmare unless you want me to. I don't attack I only defend myself or team. (Unless I have quest) I'm pretty new in town so I might of made some mistakes like attaking Knox or Mydog in the past. But i think we have worked out our differences. At this moment the only problem i have with are sexkill and legendaria?. Notice how they team up to confront me :facepalm: Put your kids in order and they won't get slaughtered. My respects to FoF
  5. :yahoo: :friends: HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!! ;D :drinks:
  6. New costume from gift box :shok:
  7. Am I the only one to think new change to barbs chop is better? Now I can chop 1/2 the time faster than before. Forget about damage, its very little damage, but its always been. 8) The problem I have is if they were thinking of making changes to even up the classes, why not Rangers? They have the strongest advantage in the arena. We all know that. :facepalm:
  8. Yo Kuz, Will there be different combinations or strategic way to combine runes/crystals to armor/weapons? Thanks for updates by the way anything to keep the game interesting :drinks:
  9. So basically we spend money to get stronger but once everyone else reaches the limit we're back in the same boat. :facepalm: The only difference is we have less money in our pockets. :sorry:
  10. To kill Berengars Guards. Meet Sat 11/12/11 10PM LA California time (Pacific Standard Time) @ Legion Camp. Pls help. Thanks
  11. Two days in a row quests for relic have a bug. Really :facepalm: How am I supposed to get ahead in the game like this? I need my CC axe. Please fix. Thank you.
  12. I would of liked to have seen a new class for each faction instead of new skills. Maybe berserker?
  13. I'm in :friends: MC Suprememan Please people help
  14. Yeah I have the same problem. It's hard to get help as a barbarian. I say that because I ask and feel ignored. I also notice elves always travel in packs. And that as soon as they see you in their territory they attack. But you see them often on our side and nobody cares. I'm also in the US. I am on the game very often and I will look for you. I enjoy helping and if you help me I am very grateful. We can help each other. Names the same. Suprememan if you see me don't hesitate to ask for help.
  15. I'm in for Berengar. You should set a date and time. Preferably a weekend.
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