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  1. These issues aren't new, I have brought them up before. The more AoE dmg skills on their side and the stairway issue but its simply ignored. We have to eat through a straw while they get a spoon. Another was; they have more advantages for quicker dungeon spam. Dont make me pull out the proof. Mountains clan passive is health yet I see bd having more health than barbs. Firstborn passive is dmg/magic = more dmg/heal. At least its not as bad as it was a few updates ago when they had op ranger blessing and pala heal buffs and chains. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/37579-game-unb
  2. life is dead someone used to say. So is warspear... until Median Night that is. You gays missed out on op rogue era. Dodge and crits we're free
  3. According to information stated on forum, Nab-Shiggurat's Chest should contain different items. From the few times we have managed to win the event, nobody has received anything other than potions from the chest. To make things worse, all are lv 18 of rarity. With all the hard trouble we go through to manage to win, shouldn't we get better rewards? Minions, Unity Signs or Seekers Stamina isn't great but more worthy for the trouble. Players like myself use potions of healing and sometimes revives to help win. Anyhow, I'm hoping there's some kind of bug in this and maybe you guys can c
  4. Balance would be 2 characters of the same level and amp having the chance to kill 1 of the same lv and same amp, 2v1 but that's not the case. Often I've seen 1v5 and that 1 wins haha.
  5. Just seems like Sentinels have an advantage since last update. One thing for sure, stairs need to be widened between Eastern Caravan camp and Somara. Make it similar to west of Western Caravan camp. Mostly rogues in Legion and BD in Sentinels now. I guess that's due to them being op last update.
  6. So... who is the current owner of the costume?
  7. 1. I'm pretty sure they dont. 2. Peter said "Ayvondil - ALL MINI BOSSES and bosses" "Little red crown - mini boss" Therefore, information is misleading. 3. Your name isn't Daria and I wasn't bragging 4. Simply correcting their mistake of which they apparently ignored...
  8. killing elf since 2011

  9. Daria, or someone in green, can you pls answer my question? Its stated that all mini bosses, including these?
  10. Can you open test server while we wait for fixes? Last time gamers in my coutry went out to play, they started falling off cliffs
  11. unfortunately that will replace my penetration empowering relic. It was fun on test server to fly that far
  12. Yeah, devs need to fix that. Sentinels have large area to cross further into our territory, while alliance has only 1 slot of stairs to get further into sentinel territory. Meanwhile. ... Thats how you get 2 relic on 1 skill
  13. Exactly what I have been telling these f2p gamers. They should be thankful WO gives them this options unlike other games. Besides, rare isn't the best, unique are and the only way to acquire them is farming not with miracles. Underground Horror with new op lv28 cape with mana regen? Costumes are meh Astral Labyrinth was fun and challenging but this new event is not NPC vs Player, its Player vs Player. Players are skilled and for that matter neither side has won any event that I know of. Fun but frustrating. Also if possible, A counter to when the next event may start would be awesom
  14. This boss was way too close to their camp and makes it almost impossible if he regains health. Maybe change his health to stay like war flag?
  15. Final stage, I'm sure most alliance members will be present to kill. Maybe? :shy:
  16. Isn't it possible for boss to be killed before the 30 seconds? And if so, will nobody receive reward? Game changing update. Thanks for continuing to give us such an exciting game with new content often
  17. Dodge heavy armor available for bd. What about the real tanks like barbarian paladin and dk? Where's our block set?
  18. Long long ago before hackers took our forum, I suggested devs make world arena where all servers could battle. Now devs have given this to us in test server, that is so cool!!! Now I would like to suggest that they do this more often just like Great battle for territory war. This can happen once a week (preferably Sunday) and go on for 2 hours. For the rewards I suggest that server who had the most arena points (AP) won gets for Mon-Sat; 1.(maybe) dungeon drops % doubled for the week. 2. Boss drop % double for the week Or 3. Guild points on sever increase by 20% Take in co
  19. Sh*t! Forget druid, place skill on a bd or paladin and basically tank anything. RIP war for Legion. #lifesteal OP
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