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  1. An unusual frosty island is waiting for you this year. You won't meet separate monsters anymore - now they walk in groups that can easily defeat any reckless idler. So, be careful and don't go deep into the forest completely alone!


    Volcano's fire has melted ever-frozen ground and opened vast caves with ancient portals that will teleport you between all corners of the island. Your enemies are aware about them as well, so prepare for unexpected encounters!



    Swamps + Baits ???

     Oh, my 2 favorite things in the game... :bad:

  2. i really really hope that the Christmas dungeons are ranger-friendly, i have not even been to a christmas dg 28 because are class is not desired :

    It's a shame, rangers used to be the kings of damage for hunting and farming. I bet its due to the fact that your faction doesn't really have good tanks and its overpopulated with op offensive bladedancers.


    Love to know that my drop rate hates me then. :unknw:

    Maybe someday developers will consider making dungeons separate from each faction. That will be the day.


        Each percentage increases the chance of success to dodge enemies attack.
        Dodge works for all classes.
        Each percentage increases the chance of success to escape enemies with melee attack.
        Parry works for all classes.
        ps: the chance of parrying is greater than dodging
        Each percentage increases the chance of success to block enemies attack.
        Block only works when using shield (tank class).
        ps: the blocking chance is greater than dodge and parry
    Does it explain why devs don't add block everywhere? 



    Dodge is useless in DG because mobs have such high accuracy. Tank (shield users) can't have that much dodge. So basically we use a dodge armor that is useless to us like a 3 stat armor. It doesn't hurt to give us block in armor (something useful). 

  4. read what roland said, and get a basic idea of how the game actually is constructed. drop system comes before and independent of your player's faction. the whole game isn't going to be rewritten for a few salty players


    If you don't express your concerns then nobody will hear you. A few salty players? I speak on behalf of all Legion side. Game Can be fixed but they decide not to. Why? Because not all Legion have expressed themselves like I have. This is called the power of unity. Dungeons can be made separately if you know the mechanics of the game. A true developer can tell you how. But since I don't have enough support I will be silent about this from now on. I love Warspear and simply suggesting an improvement. 

  5. The only one trolling you is yourself 

    gm wont change drop system they said so already.

    there's enough other ways to get block and parry in ur armour


    There's other ways to get block and parry and then there's getting them in armor and helm. There hasn't been a block armor since lv 20 gear. GM getting lazy not giving us 2 sets like before. As for not being possible to remove bow drops; There is Sentinel dg and then there's Legion dg. That simple.

  6. Let me summarize the stages for horror dg :

    1st stage - bats : kill 1-2 bats (players in pt atk the same bat)

    2nd stage - spirits : kill 3 spirits (2 below left side, 1 right side)

    3rd stage - rats with switches : activate 7 swithches (1 top left, 6 top right)

    4th stage - gargoyles : click on the statue and kill all gargoyleses

    5th stage - running bats : lure the bats near the doors and kill all

    6th stage - zombies : lure 5 zombies (1 by 1), and kill them near statues


    And the last is killing the main boss, usually need 3mins to kill.


    5th Running rats*


    Also always stay as close as possible to tank.

    good summary btw

  7. It's okay. The thing is that in the tent there are two Miriam's servants, two Miriam's shadows with 15k hp each and one Miriam herself with 500k hp. If you kill those shadows you get some buffs and if you don't kill them in a certain time period, then Miriam will heal from them.

    Yes! Thank you Daria, a day too late. We figured that out already and killed her :D


    Tank and healer on Boss with the rest on guards. Focus guards first especially mages. Sometimes shadows die on their own

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