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  1. Btw did u use one of my repair scrolls? :blush:
  2. What dya mean three instead of two?? :unknw:
  3. Hv u told oba or not?? :aggressive: he hasnt called me yet :nea:
  4. Lmao :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Dont scare him off ;D U dont really hv to do anything. We'll add ur name to the new recruits n if we find u well-suited for the guild we'll add u "officially". But dont worry this is more of a formality. Welcome to the guild!! :drinks::clapping:
  5. Oh and hey...did u tell oba??? :pleasantry: :search:
  6. Atleast they wont have a hard time choosing whse is the best *hint* *hint* :dirol:
  7. U are more than welcome to join us ofc :drinks: If u hv got an fb a/c dont forget to follow our fb group link on the OP and join. :good:
  8. Hehe ;D Btw can u pls tell oba to gimme a call soon? I ran out of balance :unknw:
  9. For a second I thought the name of your guild was "Best" trololol :facepalm: :rofl:
  10. Aw....I didn't know it had been suggested that many times already :blush: I only scanned the 1st and 2nd pages before creating a new topic :give_rose:
  11. Yeah i remember mdea once hamstrung my druid from across the arena map lol....there was even a frickin wooden-fence in between us :rofl:
  12. Which is precisely why you are not in this guild "bro" :dirol: FYI, u can stop commenting here now with ur little "Anonymous Flag" ad flapping behind ur back :facepalm: ....we don't tolerate unsolicited advertisement of other guilds on our page >:D >:D >:D
  13. Yeah, although I don't expect every single feature to be present at launch I do hope it's more than just the guild chat. And ofc we can't have rankings either without achievements....or maybe the devs will unveil a really unique guild system in WS. In any event, can hardly wait for 3.5. :yahoo: P.S. If you're looking for a guild to join and you are a Sentinel in EU-Emerald, you can go check out the League of Shadows. :give_rose:
  14. Cheer up, guys, they're just too busy with the 3.5 update :yahoo:
  15. Lol good to see devs with some sense of humour :rofl: If it's for the guilds update I don't believe anyone would have a problem going without a special event for Easter....provided the 3.5 update comes soon :good:
  16. Interesting analogy :good: But boss drops are in all probability, sadly, simply put....random. :unknw:
  17. Yeah the screen resolution of Nokia phones is so low the whole thing appears to pixelated and zoomed in. Get an android phone or tab. :good:
  18. It's become a little easier for sentinels now with the paladin and mage skills. Especially the mage skill coz it actually pushes mobs away... But ofc I've been to lab like just once in the past two months so I wouldn't be a good judge of the matter anyway... :unknw:
  19. That's the art of hiding in plain sight....ok that was SH not me... :rofl: It's pretty visible I think....it's an abstract, minimalist style :dirol:
  20. Yep....just when my honours papers begin :cray: If we win my concentration will be srsly affected i just know it... :rofl:
  21. Or they could simply "tweak" the mechanics behind the amplification system a bit to give it a slightly higher chance of success. As of right now it is near impossible for "normal" players to go beyond +8, if we even get there in the first place that is. Besides I don't want the whole thing to get overly complicated.
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