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  1. Arghhh.....guess i'll hv to check it out later :aggressive:Btw can u log in my chars n collect their gifts?? :blush:
  2. Ahahaha.....but is it about magic or ninjas or futuristic or what?? :unknw:
  3. Mos lol he meant what time the results will be announced :blush: No idea...guess we'll just hv to keep checkin :dirol: What's the story about?? ::)
  4. Yes dont buy it yet ;D Btw is codebreaker really that interesting?? :unknw:
  5. Well the contest winners will be announced tomorrow :blush:
  6. Trololol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: U mean even more than everyone else combined?? ;D ;D Arun n i hv bn hard at work all day :dirol:
  7. Ah good :good: Btw did u play much today? :blush: Uc is the best for downloads ;D
  8. Dunno....maybe there really is a bug with new registration :unknw: Btw i hvnt seen fuki online in a long time...he still plays, ryt? :blush:
  9. Np...btw i told u i tagged u in his status on fb. U can try there as well. :good:
  10. Check out the newest member in the group too...Saljrang. He's ezriell :yahoo:
  11. Aren't they the same person??? :shok: :shok: Can u add him to our fb group?? He has an fb a/c ryt? :drinks:
  12. The sooner the better coz we are gonna slow down the process of inducting new members once we reach a certain number. If they join now we can start moulding the guild and its rules accordingly. I dont want many newbies joining say six months from now and disrupting an already established guild dynamics. :unknw:
  13. YES....BRING BACK SMS PAYMENT IN INDIA >:D >:D I could hv amped my sd sceptre atleast +9 or 10 by now...amping with gold is soooo hard :cray:
  14. I used to use Chrome but ever since it became slugglish and frankly a pain to use, I'm using the native browser on my xperia. :unknw: For nokia try opera mobile :good:
  15. Hehe...very soon....i'll mk sure of that... 8) :dirol:
  16. Maybe u could be "inspired" by it and try out somethng original instead....blatantly putting up someone else's work as ur own could even lead to copyright infringement issues. Plagiarism is not the way. :good:
  17. That thing really works???? :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: Guess i shud try it as well :pleasantry: ;D ;D ;D :pleasantry:
  18. Yes, i asked fuki but he doesnt know about the guild so u do the explanation since he's ur friend ;D Our new member is ezriell btw...druid :aggressive:
  19. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Keep ur toes crossed then ;D
  20. Ah that guy i was talkin about earlier has reached lvl 20 n he's joinin now :good: Dont forget fuki n mageztic... :blush:
  21. Oh speaking of sd xbows evilmind amped his to +7 with just 20 signs :shok:
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